Noriega still rules

Within just hours after the Iberia flight touched down in Panama, the government had managed to make a total mess of Noriega's return before the eyes of a baffled world press. What happened?

Selex radar useless against narcos

The lanchas typically used by drug traffickers are invisible for radar. Not only is this whole radar deal mired in corruption, it's also a completely unnecessary purchase costing Panamanian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mafia plots to take over Panama Canal

Hello gringo government! You thought Noriega was bad, turning the country into a branch office of the narco cartels? Think again! Our own Maximo Leader, Ricardo Martinelli, is making Panama a stronghold of the Panamanian-Italian mafia, Canal included!

The Pozzessere Connection

Italian Paolo Pozzessere sold $300 million of grossly overpriced military equipment to Panama, while his son, Francesco Pozzessere, runs a group of companies with little visible activity or product at all - but they're all in bed with Security Minister Raúl Mulino.

Martinelli prosecuted in Italy?

With the Italian Finnmeccanica scandal rapidly expanding, the fact that Panama's president Martinelli is an Italian citizen as well may hold unpleasant consequences - for him. Take him away!

Trump Club Debt Crisis!

Trump Ocean Club goes the way of Greece, including bond debt restructuring, bank trouble, being downgraded and all the other fun that comes with the collapse of capitalism.

Lavitola for Noriega?

Berlusconi will probably take care of Noriega if Martinelli can keep Valter Lavitola, for whom Italian prosecutors issued an arrest warrant, safe in Panama.

Fake rector sworn in

Trillionth term inauguration of corrupt diploma selling rector with fake doctorate is last part of test run for what Martinelli has planned for 2014.