War on Halloween 2.0

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A year ago, we reported here about a failed attempt by one of our brilliant legisladrones, Alcibiades Vásquez Velásquez, to stop none less than the DEVIL himself from winning the hearts and minds of our youth through Halloween parties in the schools.

To this end, Vásquez proposed a law. Satan himself was unimpressed, because he doesn't give a shit about laws, but the National Assembly approved it in the first out of three debates. Then they put the proposal on ice. Nobody knows why.

And now, a year later, Vásquez is in the news again, because he DEMANDS that his proposal is put on the agenda so it can be approved before the end of this month and the devil and his henchmen can be legally banned from schools everywhere, or at least Halloween can.  This time, he hopes, our glorious nation can set an example for the rest of the world on how to be really tough on crime and restore values instead of dressing up like legislators scary dead people and witches. And then they say Panama's politicians are stupid!

5 thoughts on “War on Halloween 2.0

  1. He can demand whatever he wants. The Tulivieja is bringing far more money and organization into this battle than he can ever hope to muster. Mostly it’s a matter of bribery, because the Tulivieja’s threats to snatch the legislators’ families in the middle of the night, don’t bother most of them. They do, however, respond to her cold cash.

  2. Don’t they have anything more important to do ? As always they don’t know how to fix the priorities in the country. How about hunger dying children in the comarcas ? They are not only corrupt, they are stupid!

  3. This government seems to have the destruction of Panama high on their agenda. Yes, it was a country of pirates, but that was what set Panama apart from the rest of the world and the reason for so many people to leave their homes and come here.

    Money has gone from the streets, the poor suffer. Walking or driving around, without being hassled or hustled by the police is a distinct memory. Real estate is and will be taking a plunge. Colombian girls are pursued and prosecuted as if they were criminals. Just the other day, a (Colombian) girl was walking down Via Veneto around midnight. Average girl, not particularly “overdressed”. Upon sight the police ran towards her, as if she was a terrorist. She was accused of walking in a “red zone” and… carrying a condom in her purse… they put her in the back of the truck and left. The insults from the police towards her were absolutely horrific.

    If bank secrets are gone, SA’s are no longer anonymous and partying is close to illegal, what the hell would anyone want in Panama? To be honest, I had a better time in Colombia. Except for the (eliminated) things mentioned above, Panama has nothing to offer. Freedom is what we are looking for, not yet another over-regulated, so called secure country.

    It is time the assembly take their head out of their ass (and that of Obama) and show some real balls. “The nightmare is Panama itself not Halloween, Mr. Vasquez”

  4. Kill Halloween, the death penalty, stealing public lands, stealing public funds, $billions in loans for public projects,Becoming the Money Laundering Capital of the world thanks to the FTA!

    Panama where the poor and the underprivileged are just that and nothing more!

    Welcome to Paradise!!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

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