War on Halloween, again

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We TOLD YOU SO. Now that religious fanatic Alci Baba Vasquez Velasquez is minister of social development, you could just wait for the next attempt to derail Halloween celebrations in our beautiful, open minded and cosmopolitan nation.

And indeed, we just read that the head of Civil Security of the National Police, one Rafael Alvarez, has warned the citizenry that no masked faces will be allowed during Halloween in the streets under no bloody circumstances and perpetrators will be shot first and asked questions later.

This is of course to discourage any ideas people may have about organizing a zombie walk stop criminals from wearing masks. Criminals magically stop wearing masks when the police tells them to, history has shown.

You can wear masks indoors, the Taliban police says. We're not sure about wearing a mask in your car. Maybe someone can look into that and organize a Zombie Rally, now that would be fun.

5 thoughts on “War on Halloween, again

  1. Wow, is this actually true? I tried looking up more info about it on other news websites but I couldn’t find much besides what they said in el cuara, although La Critica has an article with the same wording, maybe that’s where they grabbed it from. Considering how we still got the zombie walk going I doubt anybody is going to be afraid of showing up outside in costume, and that’s the way it should be, we got more important things the police should worry about.

    Maybe some people should go out dressed in patriotic costumes, it would be pretty ironic if they get arrested with that.

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