True colors, the faces of narco-fascism

Look at these faces and remember them. They're the legislators, all 36 of them, who approved today in second debate the ley chorizo, the law that gives impunity to policemen who commit crimes, eliminates environmental protection so that mining companies and others who pay enough bribes to Martinelli et al can do what they want, and reduces the right to strike of workers - and all that under the pretext of "promoting aviation".

CHAOS in the Assembly: Salami Fest in second debate

We're getting instant updates from environmental activists who have made their way into the National Assembly in an attempt to put an end to the "sausage law" that eliminates the need for environmental impact studies for Martinelli-approved projects; violates the workers' right to strike and gives the police total impunity for whatever crimes they commit.


Even before they are being given total immunity for crimes they commit, Martinelli's police and immigration officials are already behaving as if they're members of the infamous Zetas narco gang, according to a reader's story about events in Pedasi.