Panama police may now legally kidnap and sell you to FARC

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Mafia rule; history shows that people rather quickly and radically get sick of it.

Minister Raúl Mulino of government and justice presented a law yesterday before the Ali Baba cave also known as the "National Assembly", to be approved in the extraordinary sessions that are being held this week.

The law purports to stimulate the aviation industry in Panama, but is in reality a potpourri of measures that drives Panama further towards authoritarianism and mafia rule. Panamanians call it a "ley chorizo", "sausage law", and it is expected to pass without incident in the assembly's salami slapping frenzy.

The environmentalists are up in arms, however, about a provision that removes the obligation for construction projects to have an environmental impact study done if the government declares such project of "social interest". Read: more open pit mining, insane airport projects, highway through the Darién.

Some sneaky reforms of the labor code are also hidden in this "aviation" law. Entrepreneurs can now fire whomever goes on strike.

But the jewel in the crown of this new piece of mobster legislation is without a doubt the article that states that members of the police can not be placed in preventive custody nor be suspended in case they have committed a crime. That means that the police can now torture you, steal your money, extort your business, kidnap you and sell you to the FARC without getting in any sort of trouble.

Meanwhile, we are hearing from more and more foreigners and foreign businesses in Panama that they're leaving the country. All the incentives in the world do not make up for lack of legal security, mobster rule, massive corruption and backwardness, we're told. Number one destination is Costa Rica, which must be laughing its ass off about its retarded neighbors.

UPDATE WED 9th EVENING: As predicted, the law passed the first debate. When it passes the third debate, Martinelli can sign it into law. We don't expect any serious problems for the government, this thing will pass without major problems.

9 thoughts on “Panama police may now legally kidnap and sell you to FARC

  1. Mulino says:
    “I´ll score a goal while you watch the World Cup of Soccer”
    The rabiblancos just don´t care, they just want to be close to Martinelli to make some easy money.
    The mass (the mob) just eats the candy-carrot provided by the Populist Neo-Chavez.
    In the middle a weakened middle-class, all screwed-up, paying taxes, with heavy burdens on their shoulders.
    Life cost increases, quality of life worsens…

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  3. The police issue imo is much more serious than the environmental impact studies, because it makes it even more difficult to mount any sort of opposition against this bunch of thugs calling itself the “government”.

    But as usual, the “civil society” groups won’t get it I’m afraid.

  4. I decided last year to move back to Costa Rica after my 9 year Panama experiment. I’m back in San Isidro but have to venture back to the jungle to continue closing my heavy equipment business.

    My first years were bearable but the remaining 5 years got progressively worse. In my time in Panama I have suffered 5 robberies, 4 bogus criminal cases, have been stolen from by 4 of 6 Panamanian lawyers, waited 4 years for a one year visa, been detained at the border in a case of mistaken identity.

    I could go on and on but eventually my complaining had to stop and my feet have voted. I am back in my not perfect but beloved Costa Rica.

    I feel sorry for all of you that have been deceived by the International Living type promoters and would unequivocally advise you to think twice about living in Panama. Unless of course you like living in a bad Hollywood action movie with stereotypical creepy latino police and corrupt governments.

  5. I used to tell people that Panama was okay as long as you didn’t do any business here, but now it’s at the point where just living here exposes you to this thuggish crap. I mean, Pedasi! Hardly a hotbed of crime and street gangs. Nothing that warrants these goons to even be there.

  6. I encountered a similar, albeit less aggressive “joint US Panama” giant reten coming through Rio Sereno back to Panama. I was traveling in the opposite direction of a drug smuggler. There must have been at least 50-70 gorillas. It was like a wartime checkpoint. Again another high crime area! Lots of neques in gangs.

  7. Panama is unsafe at any speed!

    Panama has become a newly form Fourth world country!

    The Police now are condoning death squads!

    Only low level criminals and those opposed to the powers to be are executed at a rate similar to the Juarez and Nuevo Larado drug gangs and the Narco traffickers Cartels that hire them.

    It seems the Police have been and are infiltrated by Narco Cartels!

    They keep confiscating the same Cocaine, they just take off the top layers of tape and plastic sheeting!

    Almost looks like a new high kilo bust every time!

    They never test it for it Quality or Purity!

    Now ever once in a while they show the testing pouch in the light blue or light purple verification color!

    They are buying and using the newest Us Army style of Camouflage top use here in Panama City and Colon!


    They are all show and no go!!

    Just look at the nightly TV News!

    How do all these TV reports just happen to always come upon these arrests??

    Thirty minutes of dope lower level busts of street dealers and murders.

    Ten minutes of large drug bust in boats ans cars!

    No big Narco’s ever busted!

    The Police are fighting to see who can be on the National TV news the most!!

    I give up !

    Will the real government of Panama stand up!!

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