Panama loses in war with France

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Remember how Panama declared war on France, after the wine slurpers had called Panama an example of a tax dodging haven? The Panamanians would teach the Gauls a lesson! A French bank would not be allowed to secure a loan for Martinelli's metro white elephant! Some batshit crazy right-wing Martinellista blogger even wrote how Panama had kicked France in the balls!

Yeah, right.

So, for Panama to be removed from a blacklist of non-cooperating countries, there was this double taxation treaty that had to be ratified by France. Then, Sarko had promised when he met with the Narco, they'd scratch Panama off that list.

So now, just in, the news that the French Senate gives Martinelli and his gangsters the big fat finger. Nada, niente, nitsjevo de ratification. The senators don't believe that Panama itself even has access to information it would have to share under that treaty. In other words, they think that Panama is promising things it can't and doesn't want to do.

Of course if you're the president, being involved in bribes and robbery and money laundering doesn't help either in signing treaties about transparency and combating financial crime and getting them ratified. Nor does the fact that the country continues to provide safe haven and even protection for a variety of investment con men and  financial criminals.

So, will Panama be removed from the list anyway? We have no idea. But together with this morning's New York Times article - although pretty lame - this has not been a great day for Martinelli and his mob.

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