Panama ranks low – again – in Human Opportunity Index

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Did we say already that we like those indexes, because they always show how Panama, despite all the hype and the neoliberal bullshit, is seriously lagging behind its neighbors in such basic things like health care, education, housing, access to water and electricity and so on?

So we have another one, the Human Opportunity Index, brought to you by the World Bank:

According to the study –now in its second edition- the region’s human opportunity index has risen in the past 15 years at the a rate of one percentage point per year, which can delay universal access to basic services for all Latin Americans for an entire generation, or 24 years –a scenario that the report’s authors describe as “inadequate”. Personal circumstances -such as birthplace and their parents' education- still play an important role in determining children's access to key services in the region, the paper states. (...)

We also like these indexes because no matter who makes them, they ALWAYS show countries with left-leaning governments performing better:

Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica and Venezuela rank the highest with an average of 85 points out of 100.

Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela all had leftist governments the past five years.

And Panama? We're number 13 out of 18. And way behind our neighbors. Here's the graphic:

Hat tip to Structurally Maladjusted.

One thought on “Panama ranks low – again – in Human Opportunity Index

  1. $$Canal + $$ Zona Libre+ $$Banking Industry+$$ Real Estate Boom= no education + no health care + more sales tax + no parks +no museums

    Juega Vivo in Mathematical terms.

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