Colombia best place in Latin America to do business

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Photo Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Avid readers know that we love rankings. World's cheapest countries, Latin America's most violent capitals - we're fascinated when a new one gets published.

So, here is the World Bank 2015 Doing Business report, and guess what? Colombia is now the best place in Latin America to do business, they say. Panama is a distant fifth. Even Mexico is better.

That is of course because we just had five years of Martinelli who kept saying that Panama was now "open for business" but really meant that he was open to receiving bribes and kickbacks.

On top of that, Panama thinks it is many things, like a "banking center"and a "puente del mundo" and so on, but it is really a country of ten percenters and a robbers den. It's a miracle we even made it to the fifth place.

More ranking news: Expat club InterNations has an expat survey out, and that contains more bad news for Panama. Best country for expats turns out to be Ecuador - socialists! - and there are various European countries where cost of living is a lot less than in overpriced Panama.

Yes, dear readers. Many expats and pensionados moved to Panama because it was so cheap, well, it isn't. Real estate is ridiculously overpriced and so is food in supermarkets that jack up their margins to levels far above what they could reasonably ask for the pesticide-soaked crap they're selling. Just so you know.


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