2 thoughts on “Panic in Panama over Panama Papers

  1. Thank you!!! I waited so long for more of your insighful articles. Martinelli must be grinning, even more happier if it came out that Varela and family has accounts too

  2. As one who has experience in IT Network administration, I can assure others reading this that 2.6 Tb. of Data would be nearly impossible to dribble out over the Network here in Panama (Okke is spot on about that point). It was most certainly accomplished from inside…the perp likely cloned the drive(s) and there by had a one-to-one copy of all Data residing on the drives at MF. The lack of hardened security within their offices is also not surprising one bit. Penny wise pound foolish comes to mind with all businesses when it comes to allocating proper IT budgets…and especially those here in Panama.
    It also would not surprise me in the least to find out Martinelli is certainly behind this.
    Who has the most to gain and lose here, the motive, and benefit???
    (The old follow the money rule as it were)
    Why, when looked at this way, that trove of Data would make for an awfully nice bargaining chip, a get out of jail free card if you will for someone in Martinelli’s position. If not scot free, then he certainly is the type of person to take all down with him..!!
    Scorched Earth policy is exactly how I imagine he would handle the last and ultimate card he could try to play since things certainly are not going his way in the legal system down here.

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