A Free Speech Zone for Panama?

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If Panama can protect free trade in the Colon Free Trade Zone, and neutrality and free transit through the Panama Canal, why not do the same for Free Speech and a Free Press? That was the theme of your editor Okke Ornstein's TEDx Talk at the TEDx Punta Paitilla event on May 28 of this year; to have Panama do something similar to the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.

The video has only recently become available, that's why we're only now showing it. The talk explains why we need this idea to be implemented not only to protect free expression, but also to prevent Panama from becoming a destination for libel tourism.

Enjoy, and leave your thoughts on this in the comments!

2 thoughts on “A Free Speech Zone for Panama?

  1. Well said, but so much to do to make it work. The key being the complete overhaul the Courts and legal profession which at best by world standards is corrupt and third world. Much of this can’t happen until a new and proper constitution is put in to place.

  2. It is necessary to change the onerous libel laws in Panama. As it is now, people can publish glowing reports about doctors, veterinarians, companies, individuals, etc., but those who have opposite experiences are gagged. Without being able to know both the pros and cons, people can’t make informed decisions.

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