Memo from the psych ward: Monte Friesner and Patrick Visser struggle with “clemency”

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THEY haven't figured it out yet, but Monte Friesner, Patrick Visser, Maurice Sjerps, Keren Visser-Katz and whatever other crooks and shysters may have filed criminal complaints against yours truly for "crimes against the honor", have already lost their cases.

"But wait!" you say, "aren't these cases still pending in the fine kangaroo courts of our beloved republic?" Well, yes, but that doesn't matter any more. Here's why.

First of all, the 15th Juzgado continues to postpone the trial against your reporter for his supposed crimes against the "honor" of serial fraudster Monte Friesner. Why? Because they ruled that this journalist has a right to an interpreter in his native language, and then they fail to hire such an interpreter over and over again. So they keep postponing the case until it will eventually be dismissed for failure to bring it to trial.

But that's not all. The other two cases, in both of which appeals are pending (as far as we know), are doomed too. That's because Martinelli lost the elections and Varela won. And what is Varela going to do? He is going to decriminalize libel and slander. No more "crimes against the honor". And that will then instantly kill all pending cases.

Of course this may take a couple of years for Varela to pull off, but who cares? It's easy enough to have these cases drag on through the local and international courts for another five years or more.

Of course the crooks know this. Patrick Visser has been very quiet lately and his website, where he would occasionally vent about how slow the Panamanian legal system is, appears to be down.

Monte Friesner and his hired help Kenneth Rijock continue to be active, making up all kinds of wacky stories about your truly. The latest was that your author had somehow ruled on his own appeal for clemency, and denied himself that instrument so it's off to jail with him (I'm actually sitting about 10 yards from my pool while writing this, drinking fresh mango juice, so no worries):

The defendant, as expected, ruled that he did not qualify for Clemency, due to the fact that he had several unspent criminal convictions; in truth and in fact, he has a carload of convictions, as well as a five million dollar judgment on record.

Fascinating, huh? Luckily, Rijock's gig as Friesner's sleazemeister is not working out so well for the former. It caused him to get kicked out of a lucrative consultancy deal with Canada based Arton Capital, and we keep getting emails thanking us for exposing the slimeball from people who decided to avoid the Miami based narco launderer:

I am a random guy that invested in a land deal down there [in Panama - editor]. It ended up being a bit of a scam. I wanted to pursue it legally. I was looking for an attorney. I ran across a a video of kenneth. (...) I sent him a message. He said he could help. My friends looked up his name and we saw your blogs... that raised some concern for us... (...) i guess I was trying to vet him out before sending money.. (...) and we decided to look elsewhere (...)

We get many more along similar lines. Rijock must be rewarded handsomely by Friesner for his smear campaigns for him to be able to afford losing so much business. One wonders with what money?

5 thoughts on “Memo from the psych ward: Monte Friesner and Patrick Visser struggle with “clemency”

  1. Well, Varela may be committed to decriminalizing defamation, but under intense public pressure Martinelli backed down and signed that law criminalizing zoophilia. (SURELY the yegueros were a key constituency that abandoned El Loco for this.) But Friesner and Rijock are STILL pursuing the case of what you did to poor Fi Fi. (S)he was such a NICE lapdog, even if a bit neurotic and not well housebroken. But then YOU came along….

  2. With what money? That’s a question many of us here ask over and over again. There are so many like Mr. Monty.

    My advice to them relocate your operation from Panama City to the S/E Azuero where the mayor’s will even rent you half of the Municipal building making you look even more legitimate for your illegitimate operations.

    Varela has a chance, like his election upset maybe he will surprise us, time will tell.

  3. When are they going to get rid of the other right wing criminal Hustlers and con-artists like don the wanker and his group of overly greedy hucksters who supported the criminal Martinelli government and Martinelli’s cd criminal gang, these Gringo, Expat slanders and abusers have turned Panama a bigger money launders, criminal enterprise by preying on other Gringo’s & Expat’s along with provoking the poor, the underprivileged, and middle class of Panama!

    The Majority of us never came to Panama to ruin, destroy, over run, loot the natural resources and from the Panamanian Treasury, and blatantly steal whole sale from the peoples of Panama??

  4. The Wanker is not going anywhere as long as prostitution is legal because he is whore to anyone that trows a penny.
    The biggest rapers of the land, destruction ruin, not paying suppliers and employees aren’t the Gringos. It’s the Israeli developers and Canadian mining firms. Remember Dr. Días we are a melting pot of immigrants so it’s not just the Gringo’s although I the melting pot is bordering on being a septic tank.

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