Okke Ornstein’s exciting life as a “fugitive”

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Okke Ornstein ©Kimberlyn David

Okke Ornstein

Your editor Okke Ornstein is, if we are to believe Don Winner's Der Stürmer and Monte Friesner's fake sheriff website, on the run for the law, convicted to years in jail, wanted on murder conspiracy charges, hiding in Costa Rica and so on.

Well. I guess these Wanker-in-Wonderland stories serve a certain audience that lives in the same parallel universe where Winner, Friesner, Kenneth Rijock and Patrick Visser (Sustainable Capital Group) hang out. They just love to have their little own John McAfee case - even if they have to entirely make it up.

So what's really - in the existing world we can see and touch, that is - going on? Eric Jackson already did a good write-up of Ornstein who will file an appeal. Worst case scenario: yours truly Okke Ornstein has to pay a fine, in about a gazillion years, when there are no more courts left to visit:

"Ornstein says he's going to appeal, and assuming that he gets an appeal filed properly on time, the imposition of his penalty will be stayed until one year after he has definitively lost the case. These cases tend to take years to get through the Panamanian court system, and then one who loses in the Supreme Court can file for leave to appeal to the Inter-American Human Rights Court."

Exciting, huh?

What I can add to Eric's story is that I went to the court, got notified of the resolution by judge such and so, announced the appeal and dropped off the papers for that at the lawyer. This is the Monte Friesner case about which I've written here before.

Also in the courthouse, I dropped by for a chat at the 15th court (the other one is the 14th). There, I browsed through a file that is practically identical to the case in which I just appealed. It alleges everything from extortion to slander (and of course Friesner's hilarious claim that I and an accomplice killed his poodle), with a myriad of defendants, including Friesner's ex-wife and his son. It seems that all that has since been reduced to just me saying things about Friesner, like, that he is a serial fraud artist who was convicted for fraud and money laundering and arson and assault.

Anyway, I signed some more papers and now there is a trial date, May 9 of this year. So that'll be more of the same; if I lose I appeal, and if I win that's it unless the prosecutor appeals, and so on, ad infinitum.

As you may have concluded from the above, I am not in Costa Rica or anywhere else on the run. In fact, there is nothing whatsoever to run from, other than the wishful dreaming of a bunch of sociopaths with Nazi fantasies.

5 thoughts on “Okke Ornstein’s exciting life as a “fugitive”

  1. Okke, I thought YOU were the fascist sociopath with dreams of world domination. I thought that was in the genes of all you Dutchmen which is why you are forever conspiring to find new ways to take over the world. I’m sure that’s what I heard, anyway. I think either Don or Monte told me. Maybe it was both of them. When we were getting drunk in the Balboa Yacht Club. There! Is that enough to launch a suit against them, yet? If not, I’ll go get a little more drunk, try to find some pictures of some naked woman on the Internet and claim she is your wife and you are dangerously connected in the Rotterdam Mafia. And tell you that they were the ones that told me that. Has it gotten insane enough for a Panamá court yet?

    • My favorite moments were when Don Winner claimed that the FCC had closed down this website and Monte Friesner wrote that I had committed suicide after which I was arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

  2. Too bad you are not a real honest to god card carrying member of the Right Wing Fascist Republican’s party abroad club here in Panama!

    Bigots, Morons, and serving idiots who think they will get rich quick here in Panama club always flock to these Karl Rove grass route money removal scams!

    WTF! don the wanker along with his scum sucking scam artist wannabe’s trolls impersonate one another as primitive deities of Gringo/Expat community, prophesying them into loosing everything they own here in Panama to these self serving cretins and Martinelli Cartel Government!

    It is just too bad you lucked out and are not “E” Cedula rider on the Martinelli favored protect foreigners list of Gringo’s and Expat’s!

    Then you would not be able to hide in plain sight!!! LOL!!

    Yes, in Panama “Freedom” is just another word to loose!

  3. Damn.. i had fifty that you were in Bolivia shooting up heroin and screwing donkeys… or was that goats.. hmm… nonetheless. Damn you! I lost my bet. You owe me.

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