Noriega pardon to cover more scandals

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Dr. Mauro Zuñiga Araúz, writer, doctor, opposition figure under the dictatorship, opinion leader and staunch critic of Martinelli, is following our capo's shenanigans closely and publishes his uncensored opinions on his website and using social media. Of course, he has received many threats and angry comments from Martinelli and his crooks, which doesn't impress him at all.

So, Zuñiga regularly quotes in his dispatches one "Garganta Profunda" (Deep Throat), and this source is more often than not right on the mark with his information and predictions. Here's the latest, translated from Spanish:

"Deep Throat just sent me the following: The privatization of the Social Security is imminent. Guillermo Sáez-Llorens is working perfectly in that direction. The remodeling of the Surgery Rooms in the Social Security Hospital, which have been out of service for weeks now, was a condition of the company that is buying. The campaign against the institution was from the beginning directed by another consultancy firm. They want to take over the insured as well while screaming for privatization, however, the strike by the doctors has made this a bit more difficult.

They'd like to heat up things surrounding the return of Noriega to divert attention. I don't think they'll be able to, because Ricardo is totally mired in the radar corruption scandal. He and José Raúl cashed their bribes already, and the Italian government knows this. Balbina's information is true. But, there is another problem, bigger even, on the horizon with Italy, which Ricardo plans to hide by pardoning Noriega, so that the facts are hidden from view in Panama."

Fun fun fun! Given Martinelli's epic stupidity in covering his erratic screw-ups, expect the opposite from what he intends to happen, in other words, more scandal and turmoil. Hear those footsteps? That's Papadimitriu quietly doing his warm-up at the sidelines, for when Martinelli is told to leave, forever.

2 thoughts on “Noriega pardon to cover more scandals

  1. Panama is financially broke.

    It needs to privatize just to stay a float.

    Even if this Criminal Martinelli Government pardons Noriega?

    The Backlash either way will allow this Criminal Martinelli Government with his bald headed Corporal Perez to declare Martial law to help promote Law * Order, the Security from the Criminals, drug dealers, murders, and anti government demonstrations!

    This will make their case for privatizing of the Government state Security forces and the taking back control of CSS Medical Facilities here Panama to bring Security, Law and Order,& Financial order!

    To give complete and udder Financial control to this Criminal Martinelli Government Republic!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. Why should Noriega be pardoned when he didn’t pardon those he decided to kill or ‘disappear’?

    Why should he even be considered for house arrest just because he’s too old as some international media has speculated? What about those Panamanians who died too young just because the General said so?

    Noriega is a criminal thug and he should be treated as such here and everywhere.

    Even if he’s not pardoned everyone knows he’ll be living by the seashore somewhere like Playa Blanca under protective detail and with every luxury that is not available to those he had murdered.

    How can anyone in government pretend this is not a travesty and that, ultimately, is selling out of its own people and the justice they deserve.

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