Murder by killer bacteria

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Dr. Mauro Zuñiga, a fierce opponent of our visionary president Ricardo Martinelli and his governing band of thugs, is going to file a criminal complaint for murder and homicide against the director of the social security Guillermo Saéz LLorens and his underlings. Because, these people screwed up. In the social security hospital there was this plague of a bacteria, Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemasa, which is resistant to antibiotics and will kill you. So people got killed, and when the officials found out they moved all the patients to another hospital to make sure the murderous bacteria would spread everywhere. This was a big success and now there are cases of infection all over the place. And of course, just like with the poisoned cough syrup, nobody is taking responsibility because only the poor use the social security hospitals so who cares.

2 thoughts on “Murder by killer bacteria

  1. The CSS Hospitals did not follow any medical Infectious Bacterial or Viral Protocols with the latest outbreaks!

    Their AC systems are never cleaned. maintained or repair!

    You can track most Bacterial infections to air quality and cleanliness.

    The CSS system has been robbed by the upper Management so thoroughly that it can not even provide basic medical need, such as latex gloves, masks, bandages, and basic medications.

    What does the CSS do?

    To combat this outbreak it tears down walls in the Hospital spreading dust and Bacterial matter into the Air system!

    They did not sanitize or disinfect the walls, floors, or ceilings before remodeling and after in these patient rooms.

    These measure will guarantee continued infections by this CSS institution.

    They must follow CDC protocols for the arrestment of these contagious infections.

    They the CSS need to replace and criminally prosecute those who covered up and in fact murdered these Citizens of Panama.

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. My question is ? Why an “administraitor” has the power to do medical things that he knows nothing about ? And the answer is: That is Panama !
    And people dies and nobody will be held accountable and nobody will go to jail where they belong.
    As a Dr.I share totally Dr. Dias comments.

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