WikiLeaks Spyfiles forgets Pele-System

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WikiLeaks launched a new project today: The Spy Files. The project seeks to map the light-speed privatization of surveillance, electronic eavesdropping, and other such tools throughout the world. Secret software tracking everything you say and text in your cellphone. Analyzing your banking transactions and internet use. That sort of thing. Western companies sell these tools to anyone who will pay for it:

When citizens overthrew the dictatorships in Egypt and Libya this year, they uncovered listening rooms where devices from Gamma corporation of the UK, Amesys of France, VASTech of South Africa and ZTE Corp of China monitored their every move online and on the phone.

Also included is software that steers CIA killer drones and that turned out to be hacked and flawed. There is a great interactive map where you can see what country produces which tools. There's also a website where you can track international coverage by news organizations that participate in the project, such as The Washington Post, ARD and L'Expresso.

Panama doesn't feature on the map, but it should. Because, after all, we have Pele-System Inc., the local supplier of the infamous "pelepolice" tool. Officially prohibited (a good example of how these tools are often used illegally), the police continues to use this glorified parking ticket system from Israel to check people's ID's against a database that often contains faulty or outdated information about outstanding judicial orders, traffic fines etc. It is used as a tool for intimidation and repression and applied through blatant racial and social profiling wherever the police sees fit.

Are there other Panamanian contributions to the wonderful world of espionage and surveillance? Not really. Remember that Panama's spies are payasos.

2 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Spyfiles forgets Pele-System

  1. Payasos for sure. Let us not forget the spy who got himself kidnapped by the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and ended up giving them the money in his wallet and they let him go somewhere in Arraijan. Spy indeed. James Bond is still blushing over that one.

  2. When any Police force does not obey the Constitution, the Laws of the Land and the Courts that(Supposedly defend these laws)are empowered to enforce Laws with the Police as their subordinate enforcers!

    Hence, the Police have become the true Terrorist and Anarchists.

    The Powers to Be have now lost control and now they will Militarize every thing that they deem worthy of keeping them empowered!

    The Right to Privacy, the Right of Free Speech, the Right of Peaceful Assembly, are rights that will be legitimatized only when it abides, affirms, & conforms to their strict narrow view of their own Citizens as indentured proletarians not even peers or contemporaries.

    The world has fundamentally changed as the few(1%) are consolidated the resources that will empowered them even more!

    Hence, they can pay these individuals(the Police and the Military) to do the dirty work of maintaining their “Status Que”, while not getting their hands or Families dirty!

    They will not squandered their resources forever on us!

    So, the fact we are now tracked and processed electronically on a daily basis by these Governments and their Multinational Mercenaries should not be news!

    The only real reason we are allowed to write these “Remarks”, these are the best way to track and find us, the ones that are of the opinion we are of the truth within thew laws as stated.

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