Panamanian writers on obscure immigration watchlist

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The two writers, here in the booth of Panamanian writers at the Buenos Aires book fair.

It's not just harassment and beating up people who might not agree with the policies of our beloved money laundering supermarket goon President Martinelli and his henchmen; writers are also under close watch these days.

Panamanian writers Edilberto Gonzalez Trejos and Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti visited the Buenos Aires book fair over the last weeks. They experienced no problems leaving Panamanian territory.

However, upon their return, a Soviet-style scene awaited them at immigration in Tocumen Airport.

"The official verified all my documents to see if I indeed was the same Edilberto Gonzalez Trejos who was marked with an alert in the immigration computer system", the author wrote us. And then the official said, "I have to report that you have returned to Panama".

"They wrote our names on a list, ALERTA DE PERSONAS INGRESANDO A PANAMÁ, like during the worst times of the military dictatorship", Jose Luis Rodriguez Pitti added.

"The problem is not what we have done, but what the security advisors, the intelligence services with totalitarian ideas hired by the government, think we could do. This always occurs: The poet is more dangerous than the soldier and the free word is what is feared most by these governments who want to impose their will by force", he wrote.

"Panama is en route to something very ugly", concluded Edilberto Gonzalez Trejos.

Bananama Republic tried to get a comment from Migración, but we did not receive a reply to our inquiries.

3 thoughts on “Panamanian writers on obscure immigration watchlist

  1. Here comes Peter Dictator, hopping down the…oh wait, Easter’s over. Just as he signs a military agreement with Hillary’s thugs, he begins to tighten the screws and dismantle the constitution, clause by clause. And who exactly does anyone think is going to silently back the coup when it comes (it will be a state of emergency cause by some unrest of some kind, either real or contrived) and the muscle will be all Uncle Sam’s. You didn’t really think that they would walk away from Panama and the Canal, did you.

    Micheletti, oops, I mean Martinelli, had best mind his manners, because Hillary will be in town shortly after the suspension of the constitution and the declaration of martial law and she will intend to leave with a new treat in perpetuity or there will be a new strongman running the country and she will still leave with her treaty. You heard it first here.

  2. Is it a sin to be a free thinker? A sign of a dictatorship is the attack and watch on thinking people, intellectuals and artists…


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