Sarko meets the Narco!

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Our presi is on tour in Europe these days, and the last stop was France to visit Noriega and coordinate the latter's return as a special adviser to the Narco99 government. Then the Narco met with Sarko, the French president. And in between those activities Ricky Martinelli found time to address some business forum to lure French corporations to his fraud paradise, and one of the more intelligent and revealing things he said there was that "Panama is the regional Dubai, and not a tax haven". And he is of course right!

First of all, the Panamanians shamelessly steal the skyscraper designs from the desert people, like the Trump Ocean Club.

Then, we're quickly on our way to become as debt ridden as the small emirate, which is buried under a debt pile of about $110 billion. Did you know, for example, that the Trump Club defaulted on its interest payments? Anyone know when the auction is?

Something else we have in common with Dubai is that we use underpaid slave labor on unsafe construction sites; both countries have little respect for human rights, and last but not least: Just like Martinelli's Panama offers a safe haven to druglords and arms traffickers to launder the proceeds of their schemes, Dubai welcomes everything from terrorists to Taliban drug runners to stash the loot in its many banks.

Isn't our indefatigable president just fucking sharp like a razor to see all those similarities and bring them to the table in France? How amazingly bright, no, to compare Panama with Dubai on a trip to Europe, which is very much exposed to Dubai's debt pile!

Anyway, all we need now is for Ricky Martinelli to be appointed Sheikh. We're sure the notables and Noriega will be more than helpful with that.

6 thoughts on “Sarko meets the Narco!

  1. Naboleon must love Ricky. One of the few world “leaders” who does not make him look short. And Ricky has the added bonus of making him look fit.

  2. Interesting sites on the BBC world news about Granada Spain and their bankrupt uncompleted metro and the abandoned multi million dollar Don Quixote airport…Rio Hato here pronto!

  3. oh how could i miss that one. Nabotleon meets Narcoleon. Only funny if you understand french and are up on your french politics. “nabot” is a person of small stature. So as a take on Napoleon, Sarcozy who is very short and thinks so much of himself, has been nicknamed Nabotleon. Not as funny when you have to explain of course 🙁

  4. Since this Martinelli Criminal Government has and does rips off the ethnic Chinese who want to come here for visas, investments, then covers up crimes of kidnap and murder against ethnic Chinese here in Panama!

    Is it any wonder that he does not compare Panama City to Singapore any more?

    “Panama where the numbers never ad up”

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