Ricky’s bunga twitter chick apologizes

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Say what you want about our incorruptible leader, but Rico Martinelli sure keeps us all entertained. We just recovered from his Twitter exploits insulting some woman for being fat and telling her to get a boyfriend to reduce those meat slices,  and then there was already another tweet, congratulating boxing star Manny Pacquiao for keeping Panama's title after he won from Mexican Juan Manuel Márquez. One slight problem though: Manny Pacquiao isn't Panamanian. He's from the Philippines.

So, then we had turmoil, of course, with our hero Ricky denying everything, then he really didn't know, then he apologized, and then he went on a foreign trip to find a buyer for his supermarket chain and state owned businesses he intends to sell for fun and profit.

Turned out, he had not written that tweet. One of his bunga bunga chicks did. Her name is Amanda Lucci, she's Italian/Venezuelan, and she is a TV slut posing as a journalist at totally corrupt RCM television while allowed to play with president Martinelli's Twitter account and God knows what else when he is too drunk to tweet himself, after bunga bunga parties. Is she a second-hand leftover from his friend Don Silvio? A present from fugitive Lavitola? Who knows?

Anyway, Martinelli fired her - thus revealing that indeed she worked for him - and now she has apologized. Which won't save her from disgrace and Club Elite being the maximum obtainable right now. Martinelli, meanwhile, went to England, where the media completely ignored him, and which was as close as he dared to get to Italy.

3 thoughts on “Ricky’s bunga twitter chick apologizes

  1. Lots of Rabi Blanco Venezuelans here now trying to save their Rabi’s here in Bananama they fit right in with our own Rabi Blancos!

    Disgusting false “elitists” drooling at the mouth to become members of the same cult here BTW they got their due after so many years in Venezuela even thought Chavez is a Scum Bag to the lowest degree.

  2. Agreed Okie,

    Too bad history here in Latin America never finds a middle ground person to change things.

    Always it will be an extreme person because the majority is oppressed or with out a true hope therefore, they take what comes along hoping for it to get better.

    Unfortunately as we know most of the time it gets much worse before it gets better.

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