Friesner accomplice Herbert Young on mission to investigate Lavitola case

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So there is this Lavitola case in Italy. Berlusconi's former bagman is facing various criminal cases for bribery and blackmail and bunga bunga. The prosecutors say that they can prove that Lavitola gave suitcases full of cash to our beloved president Ricardo Martinelli and treated him and his friends on a sex vacation to Sardinia.

The Panamanian authorities, that is, the public ministry headed by former Noriegista Ana Belfón, don't want to investigate the case here in Panama. Nothing going on, it's just Italians fighting about money, a soap opera, they say.

So, what passes for a bar association here, the Colegio Nacional de Abogangsters, is sending its own mission to Italy to get to the bottom of it all. And who do they send?


Yes, indeed, Monte Friesner/Pronto Cash Herbie. The law firm partner of corrupto José Blandón "we will sell you a law" Herbie.

Yes, you read that right: To investigate Lavitola, they are sending a kind of a Panamanian Lavitola. Writes La Prensa:

José Alberto Álvarez, Miguel Antonio Bernal, Italo Antinori y Herbert Young son los juristas que integran la comisión que designó el Colegio Nacional de Abogados (CNA) para viajar a Italia y conocer los pormenores del caso que se le sigue a Valter Lavítola, por corrupción internacional.

La comisión de juristas tiene la finalidad de estudiar, analizar y considerar la situación de Panamá en el citado proceso legal.

Note how another notorious crook, Italo Antinori, who was part of a Martinelli scheme to oust Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez, is also part of this delegation.

So, qué hace Bernál en esta baile? We have not the faintest idea. But to send a bunch of sleazeball crooks to Italy to investigate corruption - you can't make this shit up. Only in Panama.

One thought on “Friesner accomplice Herbert Young on mission to investigate Lavitola case

  1. I would venture to guess that Bernal was the token ‘honest lawyer’ appointed to give the whole sleazy bunch just a whiff of perfume to try and cover-up the cover-up with the scent of a cologne. It best by God be a really powerful cologne if it is going to try and whitewash this whole putrid mess.

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