Nun Tossing: new Panama outdoor sport

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Nun tossing is easy and fun: Any Panamanian can do it!

We're sure you've heard of "dwarf tossing" before, a sport we practice regularly here in the Bananama Republic newsroom to channel our aggression and frustration about the criminals who run our nation. But! Martinelli has introduced a newer and better version of it: Nun Tossing!

The new sport, which we expect to be heavily promoted by Panama's corrupt Olympic Committee, was first introduced to the public today during the festive eviction of about a hundred poor people in 24 de Diciembre who couldn't afford their homes any more because of Vallarino's 7%, which he needs to build a giant dildo for his eternal glory (can't he just take a viagra?). So the corregidora and the police were ramming these people out of their houses, and there came this nun. And this wannabe Mother Teresa pleaded with the police to have mercy on these poor people. Which of course didn't really make an impression on any of the authorities, because poor people are not profitable so who cares.

Instead, the police grabbed the opportunity and the nun to demonstrate the new sport, and tossed the nun -beng! - on the floor. That'll teach her!

Rumor has it that nun tossing will be a big thing at the Christmas show Bosco the Clown is planning again for the Cinta Coimera. How many nuns can YOU toss into the little crib?

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