Martinelli kicks people out of their homes to please speculators

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The many nice faces of investment grade

In case you wondered; this is what "Panama is open for business" looks like. La Prensa today has a story about families being kicked out of their homes in Bahia Honda, Santa Catalina, Mariato and Pixvae. And those are not squatters who had just invaded some land, but families with over 50 years of living there.

In the orders, signed by president Mentirelli, there is talk of "land invasion" affecting "persons and entities that have made investments in the area". That's Martinelli speak for "get the fuck out of here because otherwise the speculators won't make any money".

Must also be why he likes Gustavo Perez so much. Only a war criminal would execute such orders.

So, who did he sign these orders for, in other words, who are these speculators? Bananama Republic will find out. And then we'll sink'em!

2 thoughts on “Martinelli kicks people out of their homes to please speculators

  1. Well, several people have written about this with NO follow up. You are the first one to say they will find out who the “speculators” are. I hope you stick with it, maybe even find out who actually destroyed the homes and oversaw the destruction.

  2. Okke, I f have commented about this on panama laws for expats. What is missing from this story is the identity of the developer for whose benefit this apparently illegal action was taken. (Or more likely, the names of the shareholders, since the developer is most certainly a corporation). Is there any possibility that someone in government might be involved?
    As I pointed out in my discussion, this incident is giving a lot of concern to the people of Bocas del Toro who are eagerly awaiting implementation of the island-coastal titling bill. We are worried that ROP holders who clearly meet the requirements of that law will be pushed aside in favor of “connected” strangers to the land. This is a big worry in light of the comment by the president’s spokeswoman that occupying untitled land is a “crime.” The titling bill explicitly recognizes the validity of possessory rights and specifically states that persons who have occupied such land peaceably and openly with intent to exercise ownership for at least 5 years are entitled to title it. Yet now, the president’s authorized spokeswoman is stating that doing this is a “crime.”
    Will ROP holders who come forward to claim their titles be awarded with a criminal prosecution instead of a title? Or will that only happen if someone “connected” wants that same piece of land?
    Please stay on top of this story and tell us who is involved.

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