Gustavo Perez, what did you do with Valentín Palacios?

Valentín Palacios has been missing for over a month after being taken by the police. The situation in Panama is now so bad, and the opposition and the media so lame, that when the police disappears somebody this now generates far less response than during the dictatorship when opposition was more dangerous.

Ex-general dresses up like gay marriage limo driver

Of course it's not nice to make fun of an old man who is clearly demented and wants to play soldier. Maybe he can be quietly removed and placed under professional care. Or maybe that is already what this is, an Alzheimer patient running a hapless and corrupt toy mini-army?

Gomez conviction another nail in Martinelli’s coffin

The conviction of Ana Matilde Gomez, attorney general of Panama and prosecuted by Martinelli's yes-men because she tapped the phone of a victim (at the victim's request) of extortion by a corrupt prosecutor,is yet another act of political self-immolation by Martinelli and his clique of mobsters.


Yesterday the legal counsel of David Murcia, Margarita Pabon, was extradited from Colombia to the United States, on charges of money laundering. As soon as the news of her extradition became known, the server of the Public Registry in Panama "crashed"....

Wild Bill – it’s a right wing thing

In all these years in Panama, we've not once come across a liberal left-wing progressive running a scam; it's always a strange mix of Christian conservatism with a sauce of bizarre libertarianism, of very low intellectual fiber, as if you're talking to the Down syndrome department of the Tea Party.

We all voted for Martinelli for a better future, but we got a free ride to death”

Human Rights Everywhere (HREV) presented a report Wednesday as a result of its investigation of events in Bocas del Toro surrounding the strike of banana plantation workers and the subsequent repression by the police. And the data they offer once again confirms the chilling picture we're all too familiar with by now of death, hundreds of wounded, torture, arbitrary arrests, lack of medical care, and one disappeared person last seen being taken away by a police force that behaved like a bunch of rabid animals.