Martinelli loses grasp of reality

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A multitude of organizations joined the protest march against Martinelli Thursday.

President Ricardo Martinelli appeared on TVN Thursday afternoon and said he was going to drop "bombs" on the people, and that he expected violence during the protest march that labor unions, environmental groups and various other organizations were about to hold.

While it remained unclear what these "bombs" were exactly, if his utterings about violence were one of them it wasn't a bomb that dropped, but bird poop.

His statements about how he had knowledge of SUNTRACS members carrying iron bars and sticks and whatnot to start a riot were so untrue, and so obviously intended at discouraging others to participate in the march while at the same time excusing the police in advance for any violence they would have liked to use, that  Martinelli only proved that he is disconnected from reality and has, in fact, turned into a dangerous madman.

While Martinelli was doing imitations of Charlie Chaplin playing Hitler, the protest march that was held in the real world was entirely peaceful, and big. In fact, it was the biggest protest march since those held to protest Martin Torrijos's social security reforms, about five years ago. But the difference between then and now is that in the current protests environmentalists, a big part of the business sector including the Chamber of Commerce as well as labor unions like SUNTRACS are united in the rejection of Martinelli's "sausage law" and authoritarian mafia-style of ruling the country.

Protesters start to fill up the Plaza de Independencia

The labor unions are planning for a general strike and all organizations have called for a consumer boycott of Martinelli's Super99 supermarkets as well as products of Hermanos Varela. Your Bananama Republic is planning to assume a modest role in the promotion of this boycott - more to follow on that later, but donations are already welcome (click that button on the right!).

One thought on “Martinelli loses grasp of reality

  1. He is achieving the union of middle class environmentalists and the working class Unions…
    Gracias Sr Presidente!
    Thanks to you we are more united

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