Shrink charged only $25k to declare Bosco the Clown mentally sane

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Bosco the Clown

Bosco the Clown, here in his office

What a bunch of cheapskates is our government: Psychiatrist Arturo Viejo charged only $25,000 to declare our beloved mayor Bosco the Clown mentally fit and now they don't want to pay him his bribe fee!

Bosco had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation when he was still a candidate and in the midst of a scandal about his nationality. If you recall, dear reader, Bosco is a US citizen and renounced his Panamanian citizenship so he can't legally be mayor, but nobody cares and it's difficult to imagine anyhow that the man is an asset in any way to the great US of A.

So this shrink said all is well in Bosco's head, and then he got elected and then he immediately started stealing and turned the city into one big Boscorama with epic fails like the "biggest Christmas party in the world" and now garbage everywhere. Oh, and Bosco promised the shrink a job at the municipality for his daughter, and then he broke that promise - which indeed proves that he is perfectly normal, for a politician that is.

Meanwhile, Bosco was called to the office of the headmaster dictator president Martinelli, and he wore a hidden microphone, Monica Palm writes today. But we'll probably never hear the recording because A) this is illegal and B) Martinelli mopped the floor with him. Stay tuned for the next episode in this endless telenovela!

3 thoughts on “Shrink charged only $25k to declare Bosco the Clown mentally sane

  1. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll run in the next mayoral race. I’m not a Panamanian citizen–never was. But as one of Bosco’s fellow Americans, I’m happy to know that because citizenship means diddly, I’d automatically qualify to run. And since a good chunk of the country’s lawyers are illiterate, I imagine it wouldn’t really matter that I’m not fluent in Spanish. I mean, as mayor, the law wouldn’t apply to me anyway. So, no need to read it or understand it. Just sit back and collect the paycheck. Perfect. How if only I can find me a campaign manager who gets it…

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