Bananama Republic thanks you all for your support

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Since we rebooted your Bananama Republic to give it a fresh start we've published 73 articles - all original, no stealing here from the news services - and despite such a limited amount we've already experienced spectacular growth in our readership. We're doing an average of about a thousand unique pageviews a day, people stay long on our site, they generally read two or more stories and most of our audience (about 70%) is from Panama. So we're happy!

What are the most popular stories so far, you ask? Here's the list:

Creative with Cocaine is the absolute number one. People keep coming back to see the picture gallery. After that, it's these articles:

Government scared shitless by left

Live blogging CIDH hearing about justice in Panama

Inequality increases in Panama

Panama goes to Washington with gallery of rogues

PRD legislators complain they're so poor they have to sell their votes

Papadimitriu wants "Plan Panama"


Papadimitriu, lo más grocero

PRD just can't wrap its head around police chief war crimes

So thank you, readers and those who link to us for your ongoing support and loyalty.

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