Bananama Republic “frozen” by FCC?

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Don Winner, the publisher of scam promotion website Panama Guide, published a jubilating story to the effect that your Bananama Republic had been "frozen" as a result of a pre-judgment website shutdown coming out of the United States Federal Communications Commission over allegations of defamation. The freezing would then supposedly  be to "preserve evidence". Oh, and there are criminal investigations in Canada and the US, der Wanker wrote, drooling and wetting his pants in the process.

Yeah, right. And fuck you too, Don Winner, you fascist douchebag.

As you can see, we aren't frozen at all. Bananama Republic is operating normally. We haven't heard from the FCC - or any other US government agency for that matter - most likely because they don't deal with the petty complaints Mr. Winner's scammy clientele files here in Panama.

So, what has this wacko Don Winner been smoking? We can only guess. As soon as the effects of whatever substance he abused disappeared however, he apparently took his "article" down, but you can still read his insanity here (plus we saved it for future reference of course). So we should probably conclude that it was the voices that made him write it, you know, the same ones that make him get himself in trouble and get everything always wrong all the time. Keep dreaming, mental retard, and good luck next time you publish Monte Friesner's wet dreams as fact without checking anything.

UPDATE: Eric Jackson has also taken the story, calling Winner's drivel "stormtrooper fantasies" and "totalitarian propaganda".

4 thoughts on “Bananama Republic “frozen” by FCC?

  1. “Oh, and if I’m wrong, then Ornstein should prove it and publish an article saying that I’m wrong. He won’t, because he can’t.” That nugget is the jewel in Winner’s thorny crown of journalism. Duh: always double check the facts before hitting “publish.” Even Journalism 101 dipshits understand this. Well, buddy, you didn’t check the facts and now there is indeed an article proving that you’re wrong. What an injustice to the name of journalism.

  2. Besides being obvious that your website had neither been taken dow nor “frozen”, Winner could have easily found out what the status information meant that he found on whois. They are nothing else but the result of a protocol change for registrars. Hundreds of thousands of websites are affected. Many domain owners haven’t even noticed it, others are sometimes worried or confused by this status info.
    There is no reason to worry, every domain owner can modify and update any of his web pages:

    “Although the status “clientUpdateProhibited ” sounds as though you will not be allowed to make changes to your domain, this is not the case. You can make changes (DNS, whois, etc.) from within your account or through your reseller. These EPP statuses affect only registrar transfer and will not have an impact on domain resolution. “

  3. Go figure this idiot Don Winner just spouts out lies and nothing comes of it however I filed suit against Winner in the states and got a default judgement for $350,000 willmsoon be going after him on Panama.

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