Fugitive US Fraud Priest Rips Off Panama Expatriates

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Eddie Ray Kahn is a fugitive tax hustler who sold phony tax dodging schemes to his victims in the US, then fled to Panama where he first drew our attention after we received complaints about how he turned the so-called Expat Social meetings into religious gatherings.

Since then, we received an email from him in which he announces to start his own series of Expat parties. "We will not be having church or prayer meetings at the parties. However, God and His son are a part of my family's daily life, including the days the parties will be held. If the mention of thanks to God or Jesus offends you, these are parties you will not want to attend," writes Kahn.

Thank God for Casino Kickbacks!

Kahn also writes: "I will spend my time and money to organize everything as I consider this to be my gift to the expat community. However, people who are inclined to help out are always appreciated."

And that's where Kahn dishes out his first lie. We have it from a good source, a sort of an Expat Social Deep Throat, that Mr.Kahn is receiving kickbacks from the casinos and restaurants where he organizes his parties of $2 per visitor. As about 150 people may well show up, that's $300 pocket money for the fugitive fraud artist. Not bad for an evening of drinking, gambling and thanking god and jesus.

Tax Hustler Turns Ponzi Artist

This is not the only way in which Eddie Kahn turns the Expat Socials into his personal money making machine. We've been informed that he also recruited people to attend more private meetings in which he attempted to sell participations in a pyramid scheme called "People In Profit System" (PIPS), a sleazy scam that used to be operated from Malaysia and that has been declared illegal in about every country where it popped up. The brain behind it, a British citizen called "Bryan Marsden" is reported to be in Panama after things got too hot in Malaysia. Some corporations in the PIPS network were Panamanian corporations. One of their more despicable scams was a fake lottery of which the proceeds would supposedly go to the victims of the Asian tsunami disaster. That, of course, never happened.

"I went to one of the meeting myself and recognised it as a Ponzi scheme right away (...) He [Eddie Kahn] came with an other guy who was obviously the higher up guy, but this guy was not able to answer any of my questions, he was an idiot," writes someone to us who attended one of Kahn's Ponzi parties. "The other guy" was later identified as being called "Eli."

Reportedly, Kahn lost money himself with PIPS too. That's not unusual for him. The tax evasion schemes he sold had all in common that they had already been defeated soundly in court. Kahn typically picks up a scam after it has already been proven worthless.

Fraudulent Immigration Visa

As if all this weren't enough, we also obtained information to the effect that the Pensionado Visa of Eddie Kahn is based on fraud as well. According to the documents he filed with immigration, he is a retired employee of one of his tax dodging entities, the Divine Extrication Church, which is headquartered at Mill Street, Suite 112 A Reno, Nevada. One "Michael E. Trantino," who is identified as the Bishop of the "church," signed the paper stating that Eddie Kahn receives a $650 pension monthly from the divine entity.

Research however showed that the "church" appears to be a highly virtual affair and probably exists in spirit and on paper only.

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