Bananama Republic holiday leave inspires wacky expat reading

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endtimesindavid [dropcap type="circle" color="#ffffff" background="#e53b2c"]I[/dropcap]n case you haven't noticed: We haven't really been publishing much on these hallowed pages lately. It's not, as some from the psych ward would like you to believe, because we're hiding or on the run, or both. Neither have we abandoned the theme park on the canal also known as "Panama".

No, dear reader, it's just that other duties call. First we were at a festival in Berlin because a radio documentary that this author had produced was nominated for an award.

And right now, yours truly is preparing for a trip to the Middle East to report on the ongoing war in Syria for various media outlets. You will understand that I don't really have the time to write - for free, because you cheap bastards never donate any money - about the latest circus act in the campaign for Panamanian elections of which the outcome is already known: An oligarch candidate will win.

So, as we will be back in January at the earliest, what should you read then, in the meantime?

Well, here's an idea. On the yahoo group "Gringos in David", we found yet another expat-turned-prophet, one Joseph Spickard, who was pumping his own book, "Living in the "End Times". First we thought he was dying. Autobiographical sort of thing. But it's much worse: We are ALL going to die! Soon! Over to crackhead Spickard:

I wish to announce that my new book, Living in the End Times: How End Time Bible Prophecy Affects You! Volume One, is now available to peruse and purchase.

Here is part of the "blurb":

Prophecy is generating more interest than ever before! Freak weather, increasingly severe natural disasters, climate changes, deteriorating moral restraints, a lack of vision by world leaders, and the specter of incessant war have contributed to the public interest in prophecy while such events create added uncertainty to our future.

Yet, the Bible has predicted such interest in End Time Prophecy as "spiritual knowledge" will exponentially increase; just as the Bible has already predicted the increase of "natural knowledge" with its amazing discoveries, new innovations, and modern technologies over the last two centuries.

In this Volume One, the Author has selected fifteen fundamental End Time Bible prophecies out of fifty and more to be fulfilled in our End Time period. Here, you can read about the exhaustive fulfillment of earthquakes; the marked rise of false prophets (many of which are popular figures), false Christs, wars, and more. You can learn about the "perilous" or dangerous, "times" that we live in that the Bible predicts; the rise of Russia, and its subjugation of the nation of Georgia; and the decline and demise of... the United told and implied by Bible Prophecy.

To repeat, the United States is not part of very End Time Prophecy. Its status will radically change and it will be fragmented into different state entities.

You, the reader, are living in the End Times! Yet, you can use this volume as a road map for the future by knowing what is next on God's prophetic time clock. You can have assurance and the conviction of faith in this age when others don't. Do not despair. God is in control. You can face the future with added confidence by knowing the "Signs of the Times."

The book (warning: extremely ugly cover, but not as ugly as the author's website) is available on Amazon. Just in case you want to know.

So, dear readers, good luck saving your asses down there in Panama from the coming end of times while we are safely in the Middle East. See you all next year!

14 thoughts on “Bananama Republic holiday leave inspires wacky expat reading

  1. Your favorite color, yellow, is hard to read. So I don’t like to logon to your site because of that problem. Yellow is nice but hard to READ.

  2. It’s always amusing to me as an American that other Americans have to travel around to spread their insane religious ideas. I’ll have to check out m’man Joseph…..

    • Either this so called prophet of end times is in worship of Jim Jones and making the Kool aid available to naive expats or he is a Fox News junkie.

      SO many of these sycophants in the south (USA) it boggles the mind. Even worse is their lobotomized followers. Snake oil salesman still exist and making a fortune from fools

  3. American Bible jocks tend to be wimps down here, though. We don’t have a single American missionary who handles bushmasters in church.

  4. In response:
    “You will understand that I don’t really have the time to write – for free, because you cheap bastards never donate any money – about the latest circus act in the campaign for Panamanian elections of which the outcome is already known: An oligarch candidate will win.”

    Dear Okke…I just came to know about your site a year ago, and began participating in your blog after the scandal with Snowden. First, you don’t talk that much about yourself, so that I have noticed you are a very private person. Second, I am all against money, and don’t approve “advertising” and I see your site has some ads…On the other hand, I am all about getting information that is in the interests of the public, that is serving the public, and not those greedy and corrupt private interests. Money corrupts almost everything, beginning with human beings…

    Donations have to be made, but first and of utmost importance, advertising has to be avoided….

    Sharing a piece that addresses the topic of why against money…

    • I have done ($$$$$) but will not tell you more….At least knowing how cheap people here are, I am pretty sure I have donated more than many HERE IN THIS SATELLITE AMERICAN STATE, FULL OF GREEDY AND GRASPING IMPORTED CITIZENS…..

      Pssss….Why don’t you write your name?

    • Pssss….Faustino, you have to consider that I have forever lived in this third world earning local salaries…which are all a pittance, and have never worked to promote wars and violence, that is from where money, many “Expats” have, may come from (The Army for instance)…I am again this system of money violence, and will never give a penny to people that don’t share that radical dissident position, people that are promoting ideologies and not science, people that are promoting consumerism and not proper education….I don’t support violence, and this whole system is based on money-violence…

      I don’t know almost anything about Okke. The fact that he has been an award winning does not mean anything to me…The real good writers self-efface themselves as much as they possibly can…I appreciate the efforts Okke put into his site, but I don’t approve advertising. Having said that, I am not in a position to give money to someone I don’t know anything about, and to people that don’t share my philosophical views…

      Psss…I am not rich but a princess of poverty, and this is not an oxymoron but a fact…

    • Pssss…Typo error:

      Correction, “I am against this system of money violence, and will never give any penny to people that don’t share that radical dissident position.”

      Money cannot buy everything, as you can see; money could not buy Bradley Manning or Snowden. Every day, there would be more Bradley Mannings…

      Abolish advertising….

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