First spaghetti boat already kaput

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boatsRemember the patrol boats we got from Italy, as part of a $250 million deal with Finmeccanica? They were, we were told by security minister Mulino, newly overhauled, with zero hours on them.

We saw one pass near our newsroom one day. It was so loud that it sounded as if the Panama invasion had just started again. For drug interdiction these boats must be absolutely useless; you hear them coming long before you can even see them.

In any case, of these boats, one is already down. It needs three (!) new engines and the Panamanians don't have money. So Bocas is now without spaghetti boat patrols, says la Prensa.

Not that that really seems to matter much: We understand that the other three boats are only being used sporadically. This was just such a great deal!

7 thoughts on “First spaghetti boat already kaput

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  1. Is it true that where there used to be banana plantations around Puerto Armuelles the Martinelistas are now planting spaghetti trees, and plan to use these vessels to prevent spaghetti rustlers from coming by sea to steal the crops?

  2. Imagine the SA’s that were formed to supply the non existent parts and technicians for these vessels!

    Ah the gift that keeps on giving!

  3. The Gringos have donated patrol vessels in the past both new, such as Whalers, Scarabs and used patrol boats form the Cost Guard and Navy and you guessed no maintenance and afterwards no money to repair or operate them. The remains are scattered all over Panama.

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