Martinelli’s secret Italy trips

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Thank God we have Italian newspapers on the Martinelli - Mulino - Berlusconi helicopter and radar scam, because all that those lazy bastards at La Prensa do is ask questions aloud and then say that nobody knows because, "they" won't tell us! No, of course they won't tell you, morons. That's why you investigate.

Anyway. Martinelli went on a secret trip to Italy on August 21 last year. And some crooks accompanied him, like Gabriel Btesh, Ricardo Francolini and Public Works minister Federico Suárez. And then he met with Berlusconi and Valter Lavitola, who was about to turn into a fugitive. AND they had a bunga bunga chick with them, from La Chorrera, one Karen De Gracia Castro, who is also nominee director of Agafia Corp, which is Lavitola's vehicle to sell radar shit (it gets 10%).

And they pretended that this Karen was actually Martinelli's niece. And then that same day Valter Lavitola booked this bunga-girl on a flight to Barcelona, so maybe she was a present from Martinelli to him or Berlusconi.

All this La Prensa quotes from II Fatto Quotidiano (have Google translate it if you don't get Italian) which is really a whole story in itself - one that La Prensa's ass kissers will probably never really get - and the place to go for the latest scoops on this ever expanding scandal.

INSTANT UPDATE: Hat tip to Eric Jackson for this one: Finmeccanica chairman Pier Francesco Guarguaglini steps down after boardroom confrontation, says Reuters. This is very bad news for the Martinelli regime, as this, says Jackson, "means that the Monti government had its board members vote against protecting, continuing and covering up the scandals, including the ones related to Panama." So, when will they indict Martinelli?

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