Martinelli prosecuted in Italy?

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Our mobster president spent the first years of his rule to obtain total control of the Public Ministry and the judiciary, and it was all for nothing, thanks to globalization! Earlier, we highlighted already the hot water that vice-president Jimmy Papadimitriu is swimming in because he is also a US citizen, and as such he can be prosecuted under the foreign corruption act. And now we have a rapidly expanding mega-scandal about the purchase of helicopters, radar equipment and cartography services from Italy, which directly touches Martinelli. In short, our heroic government purchased this stuff at about 60% above the regular price, and prosecutors, investigators and about anyone else with half a brain suspect that the bulk of that surplus money disappeared into the pockets of those who put that deal together. In Panama, that would be Martinelli and minister of security Raúl Mulino.

Arrests are already being made in Italy. The accused middleman in the scheme, Valter Lavitola, is on the run, having left Panama recently in a private jet with unknown destination. Italy's new prime minister Mario Monti is following the case closely.

And here's the juicy part: Martinelli is, like Papadimitriu, a dual national as well, holding Italian citizenship next to the Panamanian one. That means that if Italian prosecutors find him involved in the multi-million swindle, he can be prosecuted there easily. Arrest warrants. Interpol. No more foreign trips. The net is closing.

2 thoughts on “Martinelli prosecuted in Italy?

  1. In Ricardo’s case the most I think anyone would ever see is a lack of visa for Disney World in the future eg; El Toro.

    Para Jimmy probably nothing especially with the current U.S. Administration.

    Just guessing of course, In the world of political $pin anything can happen.

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