Desperate Martinelli sends malware

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President Martinelli and his government of entrepreneurs are taking the fight against the opposition 2.0 with renewed activity of the cyber dignity battalions that caused such a furor a while ago. This time it's video and malware!

What did the entrepreneurial class cook up this time? First of all, they launched a sleazy attack video in which it is alleged that the PRD, the Panameñistas AND journalists are "conspiring against Panama, against our humilde patria". Conspiring is what they call it when you hold their feet against the fire for stealing tens of millions of dollars in corrupt deals with the Italian mafia. The video claims that there is nothing wrong with the purchase of radars and helicopters, but it's not really making a strong case if the authors are anonymous and production value is somewhere below the Trump Ocean Club bond rating.

But our entrepreneurs' government (funny how they've succeeded in turning the word "entrepreneur" into a dirty label, like "bizniz" in Russia is synonymous with mobster practices) descends even lower: They distribute malware. In an email that superficially looks like a special news dispatch from La Prensa, a newsflash states that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has died and urges readers to click a link to watch a video. That link then tries to download a piece of malware to your computer. The domain,, is registered anonymously and does not host any other pages. Such class, this government of entrepreneurs!

While Picante Sabrosón and his entrepreneurs are making stupid videos and sending malware around (we're waiting for more fake twitter accounts), Monica Palm reports in La Prensa that Berlusconi's bagman-on-the-run Valter Lavitola was seen entering a law firm in the Torre de las Americas, and then police chief Gustavo Perez entered just minutes later. And that while Minister Mulino claims that Lavitola can't enter the country!

UPDATE: Martinelli now promotes the idiotic attack video on his Twitter feed:

Miren como se hacen montajes de falsos emails para perjudicar al gobierno

Can someone please take his Blackberry away?

5 thoughts on “Desperate Martinelli sends malware

  1. The Big question is why does Panama need all this Military Hardware?

    The US, Colombian, and Costa Rica all have Air & Sea Coastal Patrols, Radars, and the US has a rather large Ocean going flotilla Off both coasts of Panama along with AWACs & complete Satellite observation of Panama and the surrounding vicinity!!

    The US Navy and the US Geological have mapped both coasts and every inch of Panama’s interior!

    This Moronic Idiotic Criminal Martinelli Government would obviously create Videos, Twitters, E-mails, SMS, and other airstream Technology in order to defend itself without first understanding the how or why that is truly being perceived by others!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. What we need is a lesson in basic marine radar.

    Wood and Fiberglass boats generally do not show up on radar period especially Pangas etc as they have an extremely low profile to the waters surface. Case in point sailboats have a radar reflector atop their masts hoping to bounce back a radar blip that they are there. Coastal installations have a blind spot so just hug the shoreline if need be it’s the maritime version of treetop flying.

  3. The drug war is an abysmal failure. Is some pathetic gringo wants a cocaine enema or mary jane brownies, it is not Panama’s problem. Leave us alone and let us live peacibly unlike poor Mexico.

  4. That’s right Okie none at all unless your targeting larger vessels basically steel shrimpers on up and radar dies not work per say in heavy rain plus all ships now have to run AIS which automatically identifies them and all their date per the IMO.

    Gone are the days of wax pencils to track on the radar screens

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