Martinelli’s cyber digbats

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Our beloved heroic drunken president Ricky Martinelli is sometimes inexplicably under criticism in the media, for doing things wrong. This obviously bothers him and his people tremendously, so they found a solution, in secret.

But it's not really a secret any more now that some guy called José Vargas declared on TVN news that he is part of a team of people who follow media coverage of Martinelli and defend him if needed. You know, that's where these abusive comments below newspaper articles, on FaceBook and on Twitter come from. And those threats to journalists, like, phone calls from people who don't introduce themselves and who tell you that they know where you live and that your life is over if you continue to criticize Il Duce. That team. The cyber dignity battalions. The Panamanian version of Don Winner.   And now Vargas wants compensation, money, plata, for his efforts because Mr. Narco99 apparently doesn't pay him, or only informally, sometimes.

So then the press secretary of the presidency and organizer of the scheme, Alfredo Prieto, said that he knew NUTTING about this whole media monitoring task force, and Martinelli came out and he didn't know anything either, he said, but he also said that he's a liar a couple of days ago (and then claimed that he had been hacked by the papers, and then our guru Chello Galvez said that everybody is a liar anyway) so nobody believes him. But! The vice-minister of the presidency, María Fábrega, said that they couldn't pay Vargas because there was no contract. What a cheap, lame excuse!

Anyway, that's how we roll these days in our mean little nation. We are SO proud to live here!

Update: Now we read that Bernal wants an investigation by the Public Ministry (which Martinelli controls) into these media squads (which Martinelli controls) and then this will be brought before the courts (which Martinelli controls). Anyone have any idea why nothing ever changes in Panama?

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