Budget approved by “4 gatos”

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Now that the alliance between the pizzafistas and the panameñistas has been broken because of egos and stupidity, things in Panamanian politics are quickly descending further into the gutter, where they belong. The Martinellistas aren't wasting any time any more with formalities and rules and procedures; they just fart all over the place whenever they want, and nobody can do anything because Martinelli bought himself the last sell-out legislator he needed for an absolute majority. The latest is that they now approved the budget for the next year, in the National Tax Free Car Dealership Assembly without there being a quorum to even have a vote, because the legislators are all out in the streets stealing and pillaging and getting drunk except for Blandón who is making a show of how terribly upstanding and honest he is. Of course this is all illegal, but nobody really cares about the budget anyway because it's the looting that really counts in our country.

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