Oscar Ceville ordered illegal wiretaps himself

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Oscar Ceville

Oscar Ceville, Procurador de la Administración, is the character who heads the prosecution of deposed Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez for alleged abuse of authority when she ordered the phone tap of an extortion victim of a corrupt prosecutor - on the request of that same victim. The "case" was used to suspend Gomez from her job and have her replaced by Martinelli yes-man Guiseppe Bonissi. The show trial against Gomez is set to start next week.

However, it turns out that Ceville himself ordered phones to be tapped and computers broken into, without any warrant or even a shred of legitimacy. His wiretaps weren't done to catch a corrupt prosecutor who ran an extortion ring from La Chorrera, but to spy on employees of his office who were loyal to his predecessor, Alma Montenegro de Fletcher.

Oscar Ceville's former chief of security, Jose Abrego, came out publicly with all the sordid details of the case, and has voluntarily subjected himself to being questioned by the Public Ministry.

And Ceville? He has responded in the same classic way corrupt crooks always respond; by alleging "extortion", making threats and claiming that it is all a "conspiracy".

Meanwhile, in prosecuting Ana Matilde Gomez his office doesn't have a leg to stand on and has no legitimacy left. But Panama being Bananama, this probably won't prevent a criminal conviction of the suspended AG.

3 thoughts on “Oscar Ceville ordered illegal wiretaps himself

  1. Do you suppose that maybe the six or more Stolen Laptops(had no back up) that were in the Office Anti-Corruption had to do with the actions of this particular Procurador de la Administración?

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

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  3. Martinelli already used Rojas and Ceville to get rid of Ana Matilde, now he will get rid of them…
    “Österizer Law”.-

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