Martinelli turns baby killer

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Trying to rescue a kid with mouth-to-mouth breathing in Changuinola

The protests in Changuinola have been joined by civilians who were previously holed up in their houses, because the police has been shooting tear gas grenades into homes indiscriminately, supposedly to smoke out rioters.

As a result, an 8 months old baby has died of respiratory problems. The child could not be brought to a medical facility because of the violent situation in the streets.

The news comes as the ministry of labor headed by Martinelli's narco-lawyer Alma Cortés announced that negotiations with the protest leaders aren't going anywhere. The reason for this is that the government still refuses to repeal Law 30, affectionately known as the "sausage law". This law reduces workers rights, gives impunity to the police for crimes they commit and removes environmental protection.

Changuinola is completely isolated from the outside world. No cars are entering or leaving and the airport is reportedly used by the police only, although we couldn't confirm that.

6 thoughts on “Martinelli turns baby killer

  1. Wow this country is like Honduras, with corruption, violence is out of control,
    that president should be kicked out!

  2. Hmmmm. I wonder if President Martinelli has ever herd of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children, to which Panama is a signatory. Oh! It wasn’t translated to Italian and besides Il Duce can do whatever the Hell he feels like anyway.
    Ummm. I don’t think so Big Boy! There is a provision in the convention for the use of UN forces to compel compliance. So maybe you ought to make a trip to Bocas, call off your dogs and start spreading Balboas around to the victims, especially the ones with children as victims, to keep UN peace-keepers out of Panama. Ya think?

  3. Today the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights “lamented” the violence in Bocas…
    The News is in “PANAMA AMERICA” Newspaper today, in Spanish.-
    And it´s on the news in CNN, Spain, et al.-
    Let´s see about that

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