Don Winner groupie tries to infiltrate Democrats Abroad Panama

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susangubermanAs you might have guessed from our previous posts: The ultra-right wing gringos are on the march in Panama. They form militias, have gun seminars and training, advocate lynch mobs against locals, shoot and kill "intruders", and join groups to stop Panama's indigenous people from defending their land.

They voice their opinions - if you can call them that - on Yahoo groups, ning boards and other online outlets. The biggest of them all is Don Winner's Panama Guide, a website that publishes raucous fascist bile in between promoting a myriad of scams and frauds. Don Winner also sells stun guns to the expat militia types and works as a PR flack for a group of Panamanians who sold arms to Colombian paramilitary death squads.

Naturally, this guy has groupies. They know that everything he writes is a lie, but they cling on to him as if he were some spiritual leader - a psychiatric phenomenon that for sure deserves further investigation.

One of these groupies is a woman called Susan Guberman-Garcia. She owns and runs rental villas in Bocas.

Guberman is a hyper-active member of a plethora of Panama Yahoo groups and message boards, posting incessantly about anything vaguely Panama related. A retired lawyer, she runs her own Panama law yahoo board.

She will also call any and all criticism of Don Winner and his criminal antics a "vendetta". She wrote us, for example:

"Okke, you are full of crap. I am a 64 year old retired professional woman and nobody’s “groupie.” You may want to rethink your attitude towards women. We are not just walking uteri, we have brains too, and are quite capable of forming our own opinions without deferring to a male."

Thing is, we never even alluded anywhere to Mrs. Guberman being a woman or that having anything to do with her admiration of Don Winner. In similar fashion, she accused our friend and colleague Eric Jackson on Facebook:

"Of course, I am a Democrat, but that doesn't keep him from attacking me, because I dared to suggest that his vendetta against Don Winner was making him look silly (...)"

Indeed, Guberman is a Democrat. Not that we really care about that, by the way. In our view, the US two party system is just one hydra with different heads masquerading as a democracy, and no matter which head wins the Hollywood themed election campaign, the war mongering, slaughter, human rights violations, corruption, drone wars and other such crimes against humanity just continue without a hitch. Any other country (preferably with oil) that would have such a system would face American plotting and demands for regime change, but back home these gringos seem perfectly happy with it. If Americans are dumb enough to become activists within that crazy system that's their problem.

But, in Panama we have a chapter of those Democrats, called Democrats Abroad Panama. And on their Facebook page, Susan Guberman announced that she wants to be part of the board.

Case in point. If these Democrats really allow a groupie and serial defender of Don Winner's ultra-right wing bile, his blatant promotions of scams and frauds and his paid work for arms traffickers to extreme right paramilitary groups to be on their board, that only illustrates that it doesn't make one bloody difference what party you're with in the US of A.

So let's do a typical folkloric all American campaign thing here, and demand that Guberman distances herself, in a statement or better still, in a speech with flags and cheerleaders, from Don Winner and his shadowy activities and policies. Or else we'll start a campaign, just because we can, along the lines of Bill Ayers or Bain Capital, and robocalls to all 74 (!) members of the Dems Abroad and attacks spots on the YouTubes. You want American politics, Guberman, so you get American politics!

14 thoughts on “Don Winner groupie tries to infiltrate Democrats Abroad Panama

  1. Huh, funny that! We have had serial differences of opinion before, particularly on gun control. I didn’t know about the Yahoo groups thing, since I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to them. But Susan, and I say this in the First Person, if you are defending ANYTHING that Don Winner does or says, you are judged by the company you keep.

    While I lack the advanced mental health professional training to do a simple assessment of an individual’s behavior, I have shown Don’s work and rants to a friend who IS a licensed Doctor of Psychology. His opinion, which he gives only as a very preliminary assessment, because you must interview someone many times over a period of time for an accurate assessment, but a fly-by assessment with just a surface scan, he believes that Don exhibits some of the classic signs of a sociopath. One of the signs of a sociopath is assembling a closed group or cult of people (“groupies”, who can be male or female) to constantly affirm the sociopath’s inflated sense of self-worth and belief that everyone else is wrong and out to get them if they disagree. Again, Susan, you are judged by the company you keep. And I would hate for this to become an issue between us that ends what has been a cordial relationship.

    • I was thinking about borrowing an idea from Roger Stone and start a PAC called Citizens United Not Timid, but this being Panama I guess we can just improvise.

  2. I have never met Susan. I do think that, based on what I have read of her posts online that she has a lot to offer.
    I can’t help but think that these kind of personal attacks, based on a dislike for all things Don Winner are unjustified. But as Susan herself might say, “your mileage may vary”.

    • It does. I can’t think of anything Don Winner has done that would be worth defending. Similarly, I have yet to be proven wrong on anything I have written about him, while it has been very easy to prove him wrong in what he writes about me.

    • Intriguing too, how Guberman seems to imply that Eric Jackson should not “attack” her because she is a Democrat. Does that give her some kind of impunity or mean that her actions can’t be criticized?

    • And to complete the circle, I do remember too how Guberman chose a pompous Panamanian lawyer as her legal mentor who just happens to be the same one representing Genisa with its bogus environmental impact study.

  3. What do I think? I think you are full of crap. Like Eric, your world begins and ends with Don Winner. Anybody who does not hate Don Winner is your enemy. Anyone who does hate Don Winner is a good guy (even if he’s a bad guy, like your friend Jerry Hall, a certifiable nut case…) You don’t even have to be his friend, you just have to not be his sworn enemy and that gets you on yours and Eric Jackson’s hate list.
    And I am not “running” for the board of Democrats Abroad. I don’t want to be on the board of anything. If I had, I would have submitted my name and I didn’t. I merely commented that the Panama City centric approach of the group has discouraged Democrats outside of Panama City from participating, and I pointed out that I can participate in Democratic Party activities (like phoning voters in Florida and Ohio for GOTV) but not in Democrats Abroad activities because all the meetings are in person and in Panama City. I did not volunteer for the board (though I did offer to try to recruit some male candidates since the board had enough women but were looking for men.)
    Okke, you are not even a US citizen. You have no interests in Democrats Abroad or anything else to do with the Democratic Party, so please stop pretending you do, or that you want to “save” it from me! As I recall, the only American politician you like is Ralph Nader (who accepted Republican money).
    Like I said, crap.
    Maybe, instead of attacking me and others who have never done anything to you, you look after your own business. Your own penchant for vendetta got you to the point where you were played by a crook and ended up in all kinds of legal trouble..because you just couldn’t let go. The man played you like the skilled con man he is…he got you to post a nude picture of his wife that HE sent you, and you fell for it. And then he sued you for posting it. How dumb is that? And you want to tell the rest of us what to do and not do, who to hate and who not to hate? Maybe you should stop worrying about me and start worrying about Okke.
    I am sure you won’t post this response, just like you refused to post my response the last time you attacked me…but I’m writing it anyway. As for Don Winner, he posts my comments even when I completely disagree with him, as I often do. So I guess he is more tolerant than you are!

    • Susan, you are so full of shit that you make a septic tank look like a swimming pool.

      It’s testimony to your complete lack of ethics that you are unable to differentiate between Don Winner’s promoting of a plethora of scams and frauds and people like me and Eric Jackson pointing out those facts. It has been extremely easy to prove him wrong in just about anything he has written about me, yet, on the other hand, I have yet to be proven wrong about any facts I have published about him. These are all issues you conveniently and consistently refuse to address, instead resorting to name calling and labeling anything against your idol a “vendetta” as well as putting up an array of straw men.

      Well, you make your choices, I guess. But it’s interesting to see you get all these heat flashes whenever it’s called for what it is: You’re a groupie of someone who works for death squad arms traffickers.

      As such, you did show an interest, as per your own words, in becoming involved at higher levels than just being a member with the Dems Abroad’s activities. Are you backtracking now?

      And so what if I’m (luckily) not a US citizen? I write about weird expat gringo antics in Panama all the time, and I do not need the permission from a wannabe community leader like you, or faux theories about Nader. So go fuck yourself with your idiotic citizenship demands.

      Your final piece of drivel really defies any logic, about how I supposedly have been played by con man and Don Winner sponsor Monte Friesner. First of all, I knew exactly what he was trying to do and played HIM, remember? Then he, not me, had his businesses closed down despite advertising with….. your idol Don Winner. I have not been convicted for publishing nude pictures of anyone, contrary to what you say. Friesner did not sue me for posting pictures, he filed a complaint for extortion against his ex-wife, his son, his web designer and me, and those charges were dismissed quickly. You are just making stuff up. Maybe you also believe I am a fugitive?

      I’ve allowed this comment of yours to go through so people could see for themselves how mentally challenged you are. But from now on I’d suggest that you stay in the psych ward with your idol and fellow groupies and take your medication at regular intervals.

  4. Susan ALWAYS makes first resort to personal attacks, and slays many a straw man along her path.

    However, there is a real issue here. Does it serve foreigners here, and Panama’s gringo community in general (citizens and foreigners alike) to go around with chips on our shoulders?

    Susan, citing inapplicable US principles, was over the holiday weekend decrying the possibility that a couple of gringos were busted for drinking on Good Friday. Now it’s a silly law that is rarely enforced, but it is the historic norm here. Similarly, she accused the mayor of Bocas Town of picking on Americans by insisting that bars were closed on the national day of mourning for former Vice President and Civilista leader Billy Ford — and she laughably claimed some basis in law for her accusation, when since Roman times in what is now the Civil Code system it has been prohibited to open a bar on an official day of mourning and that has always been the law in Panama.

    Is she now supporting gringo rednecks who have usurped the medical examiners’ and prosecutors’ prerogative and declared a so-far undetermined death a murder, and who purport to now usurp the police role and “eliminate” someone for murder?

    Yes, Susan is a Democrat. So was Bull Connor.

  5. She reminds of the my stereotype Gringo/Gringa that arrives here. They always want the world to know how important they were back where they came from, how superior educated they are and most important how much money they have!


  6. Well, personally speaking, I find all of this carefully orchestrated “us vs: them” bullshit to be mildly diverting for about four nanoseconds … and it hasn’t changed one iota since 2006 …. Ciao.

  7. These types always feign harassment, discrimination, and bias towards them. They are some of the most prejudicial, culturally discriminatory and hateful Gringo/Expats here in Panama! They fit right in with these Fascist right wing criminals and Politician who are ruining Panama.

    They think they have arrived! LMAO!

    She is one of the real trolls(their delusional nickname for anyone that does not kiss their asses) of Panama like don the wanker and clyde that do nothing but stir the sh-t and then accuse you of some imbecilic impropriety against their virgin sainthood!

    Ronnie Reagan was a democrat for most of his life, until he also saw the green of the real money, then they purchase him a hilltop ranch and his house in Pacific Palisades, by a group of well meaning John Burch types!

    susan and her morons associates will never be that lucky they are traitors to their own souls!

  8. Pronto the visitaré en la cárcel Okke. Tus condenas a 20 meses y 2 años prisión están caminando satisfactoriamente. Ese día todos los que han sido calumniados por ti se reirán.

  9. Most of the Gringos here in Panama want the fast track to everything. The Yahoo Groups give that fast track mentality.

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