Gringo militias buy supplies and guidance from Nazi lunatic

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water-gunRemember how the interwebs were buzzing about how a bunch of crazy gringos would form a white men's militia to protect their homes against Panamanian burglars? We can inform you now, dear readers, that these wackos are not wasting any time.

Last Wednesday, there was this "mixer" meeting, as announced on the Playa Community website with special guest star Don Winner. Think "Muppet Show".

It was a big success, or so we hear, not in the least because the new Wanker family business seems to be selling supplies to scared retirees. One member of the Weiner clan was making a sales pitch for stun guns, or tasers - the kind of tool the great Nazi Don Winner himself uses to scare and harass women and children when he's not busy promoting scams and arms traffickers (does Marco Shrem supply Wanker Inc. with wholesale Nicaraguan army surplus stun guns, we wonder?).

To be fair, we also understood that some people protested, although a tiny minority.

Others launched questions like, how to make a citizen's arrest in Panama? Of course the walking crime wave had an answer to that too, which he has now published on his website, here, where he makes you pay for his amateur legal advice.

Not that it really matters: Most of these gringos wouldn't even be able to announce a citizen's arrest in Spanish anyway. "Mahnose awreebah! Yo noh speeky Espanyole!"

Of course all this nonsense is going to backfire majestically. Gringos may be chronically scared of everything non-gringo even when they choose to live outside gringoland, but the type of nazi-colonial behavior scam pimp Don Winner et al are promoting will most certainly not go over well with Panamanians who are not at all inclined to be patrolled by the pot-bellied Hawaiian shirt brigade carrying tasers and guns to protect their Megadepot garden furniture against the cholos.

One question though: Will they also wear strange white pointy hats when doing the rounds in Gorgona?

7 thoughts on “Gringo militias buy supplies and guidance from Nazi lunatic

  1. There is a BIG FREAKING STORM on the horizon for these Gringos and they are paddling right into the storm. The lawsuits against these Gringos is just waiting to happen. The false accusations will be numerous and the lawyer sharks of Panama are now gather in packs circling around the gringos just waiting for the feeding frenzy to begin. In this circle of lawyer sharks are the authorities that are going to get their bite out of these Gringos. All it is going to take is one crackhead gangbanger that owes to the cartel to go and get himself killed by these Gringos. My advice now you better buy a paint ball helmet cam to record every thing and you better buy a Level 3-A body armor for protection. And instead of a stun gun which requires you to be near the target you will be better off implementing the highest power paint ball gun that has a very large feeder and range and it will scare the hell out of them. There is a reason people in paintball wear protection.

    Advice from a Gringo that knows……Zero confrontation wins the battle and the war. But since they are now being put in harms way my last word of advice that will save your life……Bullets hate distance. Put as much distance as possible between you and the threat. A knife is no good if there is distance. I have a legal permit to carry a weapon and I am faced with a barrage of false accusations which are supported by the local Public Ministry and all are false and are proven with video and camera footage. These false accusations are designed to take my property and to keep me away from the narco trafficking. I have found out my best weapon is a camera. When I have to defend or conduct a patrol I also have a video camera with me.

    My experience I have over 8 years dealing with thieves and gangbangers, dangerous narco traffickers, corrupted police, corrupted Public Ministry Officials, and a criminal group of gringos. Not once have I fired my weapon at anyone and my property was invaded and an illegal road was built which is being used for narco ttrafficking and supported and protected by the authorities of MIVIOT, MOP, ANATI. But that is OK because that is why now I am taking Panama to International Arbitration for over $98 million.

    You Gringos better think really hard and long about where you are going with this. You better have a backup plan when this goes bad.

  2. I have Gringo friends in David who worship the ground Don Winner walks on. I point out to them that he is a
    low level hustler who is a wannabe mafioso and mention all the scams and rip offs he has been involved in. (Almost all against fellow Gringos as he doesn´t have the balls to take on any Panamanians who are quiet often real mobsters). Their response is almost always the same. They know he is a creepy little punk yet they still listen his lies, buy into his folkloric self mythology and stay with him. I tell them they are like beaten wives that can´t leave their abusive husbands, because deep down they believe they deserve Don Winner. We have a great laugh about this! The only problem is that I am not joking.

  3. And it’s worse that just a sad laugh as I’m sure that probably Mr. Falgout knows. Mr. Falgout sounds like someone who is highly trained with firearms. Here in the US, which would apply to the ex-pats only probably worse since most of them are older and have slower reaction times, the FBI statistics say that if there is a firearm in the house during a crime, there is better than an 80% chance that the firearm owned by the homeowner or home occupier will be used against the homeowner or home occupier during the commission of a crime. And the homeowner or home occupier Is 95% more likely to be more seriously hurt than the homeowner or home occupier who does not have a gun.

    The NRA puts out all this BS about having a gun in the house is your right and the only way to properly defend yourself. The first part of that assertion is very debatable and the second is simply flatly wrong according to 30 years of statistics kept by the FBI. You see, the NRA never got a stupid law passed keeping the governmental agencies from tracking who gets hurt with weapons in the home with a gun in the house like they got that stupid law passed preventing the governmental agencies from tracking where a firearm goes once it leaves the manufacturer.

    So I wish these Barney Fife’s well and if the editor of the newspaper would kindly get their names when they buy a gun I would greatly appreciate it. Because even though I am 3000 miles away, I would still like to buy a life insurance policy on each person who buys a gun.

  4. Oh yes, This will be a feeding frenzy for the low life attorneys out there ready to sink their teeth into any Gringo rump. They are out to get 100 bucks from you and they win! You think the Panama Courts will save you, oh boy do I have a bridge for sale. And your attorney???? Hey, he gets paid more and more for your quagmire!!! Probably give him enough to support at least one or two extra girlfriends!

    These fools are being led down the same as the Childrens Crusade of 1212.

    Read your history young believers. Children all over Europe joined the band wagon and marched a considerable force of over 30,000 to Italy to away passage to the Holy Land to embark on a great Crusade

    They paid the ferries and then were rerouted to Africa where they all were sold into slavery – none, not even one ever reached the Holy Land.

    The ferryman is waiting young supporters of freedom!

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