PRD legislators complain they’re so poor they have to sell their votes

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Freidi Torres. Note the stained klepto-suit.

Hora Cero has the scoop: Various PRD legislators have confessed during an internal meeting that they have sold their votes to the government in exchange for funds funneled to them through the Social Investment Fund (FIS). So that's why Martinelli doesn't investigate that scandal!

Now we all know that our legislators are, with maybe one or two exceptions, a bunch of thieves and freeloaders who never work for their money, but they always manage to find new depths to explore, you have to give'em that. For example, some of these PRD crooks are even proud of their own corruption!

"What's wrong with accepting help from the government in exchange for a vote?" wondered one deputee. "Don't legislators have to eat?"

A legislator in Panama earns at least $7,000 per month - that's before they sell their votes, steal from the FIS, resell tax free cars and all the other perks that come with their jobs.

Others were a bit more blunt: Freidi Torres wrote from Veraguas that "You can all suck my dick and go to hell. Nobody is going to tell me what I have to do in the National Assembly".

We'll take that as a guilty plea. Sometimes we think that this death penalty might not be such a bad idea - as long as it's for corruption.

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