Who recorded Bobby Velasquez’ Sopranos act and why is the PRD covering it up?

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bobbywhomeBobby Velasquez is down and out, he cancelled his campaign for mayor of Panama City and immediately left for Orlando, Florida, to wait out the storm.

Yet the secret recording scandal is far from over, and is leaving the PRD in complete disarray - not in the least because they are far from transparent about what happened and release contradicting statements.

Yesterday it turned out, for example, that Juan Carlos Navarro (candidate for president) knew about the recording already last week. The audio, in which Velasquez orders someone to beat up (break legs, jaw and nose) of his opponent Fabrega, had arrived at Fabrega's office on Thursday, and he and Navarro had listened to it.

But then, why wait until Monday to comment on it publicly, after Ricardo Martinelli tweeted about the tape on Friday already?

The PRD is a sort of half united about their thesis that Martinelli is behind the whole thing. "Martinelli made the recordings," said Mitchel Doens yesterday.

Yet, who did make the recording? It is not a tapped phone conversation, the audio makes clear. It's a meeting. In the audio, you can hear the rumble of clothes chafing against the microphone, which proves that it was not a mic hidden in a vase of flowers or a lampshade. Somebody was wearing it. And since Bobby Velasquez was there, he should remember who were in that meeting, and from the voices as they are recorded it should be pretty easy to figure out who was wearing the recorder.

So, if Velasquez knows, no doubt Varela knows, or the entire PRD cupola knows. So who was it? Who were present at this meeting? And why aren't they telling us?


Juan Carlos Navarro said yesterday that there is a recording circulating of a phone conversation between him and Javier Martinez-Acha. He blamed Martinelli's government for it and warned them of the consequences of what they are doing.

It indeed looks as if preparations have been made for massive dirty tricks campaigning from now on until the elections next year. Zulay Rodríguez, pre-candidate for legislator and famous for corruption and scandals surrounding the Supreme Court, has filed a complaint alleging that unknowns are trying to blackmail her into resigning from her political aspirations. If not, a compromising video of her and her husband would be released. Gonna be a hot election season this time.

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  1. I wonder if visiting Disney World and waiting out the storm are the main things he’s doing in the USA. I wonder if he is also talking to Department of Justice types about David Murcia Guzmán sorts of things.

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