6 thoughts on “Meet the Twitter heroes of the bananazi xenophobes

  1. Are you insinuating that the bigote of Andres Perez E. resembles that of Adolf?? 🙂 P.S. Why is there an ad at the bottom of this page from International Lying offering a free report about moving to juegovivolandía? You should be ashamed. 🙂 That’s where Kathleen “La Tuerta” Peddicord used to peddle her lies and propaganda.

    • I would not DARE to insinuate ANYTHING like that, of course.

      The ad – I guess Google places that depending on your preferences/location. I will see if I can block that domain from showing up on this page.

  2. Estos cholofascistas como lo llamas no les da la cabeza para pensar que el 90% de los negocios que les da de comer es de extranjeros porque ellos no tienen madera de empresarios, si les das 1.000$ para empezar un negocio se lo beberian en licor.

    Con un pasado tan llena de trampas todos los panameños deberian de sentir verguenza antes que pedir “respeto” y dejar de comportarse como monos, porque si, eso que les dijo Rita que son unos monos es totalmente cierto.

  3. Lowering yourself to the level of twitter trolls, not recommended. People talk bs on social medias and talkbacks, you can see that in most countries, even in Europe (specially xenophobic stuff). What worries me more, is, when a media changes because of those comments. Check out what has happened to “El Gallinazo”. Panama’s satire magazine. They suffered from 90% of their followers not understanding their jokes, so you can now read mostly stuff about political witch hunts, exposing foreigners who have insulted Panamanians etc.

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