Wacky whining about stupid national anthem

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Oh my god, some of those Panamanians are just such bloody ignorant CRYBABIES! Especially the Banananazis, those incredibly dumb and retarded nationalists who even proposed a law making it illegal to fly or show any other flag than the Panamanian one, even in your own home or office...

So this time it's about the National Anthem. Quick historic facts: The anthem was originally composed in Spain as a school song. Then as they ALWAYS do in Panama, they took that from abroad and turned it into the anthem as we know it today.

Or better said, as we don't know it today, because the majority of Panamanians doesn't know the lyrics. Neither do we, by the way, and we're not planning on learning them either. We can cite you the first couple of lines though, which go something like, "Alcanzamos por fin la derrota/En el campo jugando futbol..." - that's as far as we get.

Anyway, there was some event in Miami where they gave some award to corrupto José Blandon and Panamanian composer and singer Erika Ender was asked to perform the Panamanian National Anthem there. Which she did.

However, instead of singing it like a military marching song - as it's usually performed in this country with no army - she brought it in a new arrangement, like, a ballad. See and listen for yourself.

A STORM ensued. How dared she do that! A violation of the homeland! Unpatriotic! Behead her! Take her to jail!

Complaints were filed with the Comisión de Símbolos Patrios - yes, we really have such a thing - and Ender defended her singing saying that she wasn't unpatriotic.

And the latest we heard is that now this commission will not fine her or send her to jail, but only reprimand her for singing the National bloody Anthem in a way that is not militaristic and therefore is misuse of National Symbols.

To just get a feeling of how backward Panama really is, consider this: In 1977 the British punk band the Sex Pistols released it's version of the British National Anthem, "God Save the Queen". The BBC refused to play it and it generated some controversy. But that is over 40 years ago, and England has survived.

So, any more whining from Banananazis about this anthem affair and we here at Bananama Republic will personally see to it that someone produces a punk version of the Isthmian Hymn, sung in Icelandic. And we'll shit on their flag in the video.

3 thoughts on “Wacky whining about stupid national anthem

  1. Actually, I liked her version far better than the Heil Hitler version that these morons want to make a stink about. She sang it better than just about everybody I have ever heard sing the anthem. Hell, the do it all the time interpreting the USA national anthem, like at the Super Bowl, any football, basketball, hockey or soccer game here. For God’s sake, don’t these people have lives?

  2. Actually there is a punk version out there. Played back in the late 90ties I think from the band Big Fat Hen (today known as Polyphase).

  3. These Cholo Nazis suffer from inferiority complex. Varela the stupid confessed corrupt President(“..that money laundering was long time ago”) will build on this nationalist xenophobia and prohibit all foreign activities than We’ll see if Panamanians will be on the list of the happiest people on the planet.

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