Noriega screwed over again by gringos

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Former dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega and the Americans, especially Republicans, they just don't get along so well.

First Noriega was screwed over by the gringos who bombed Panama, killed a couple of thousand civilians, and all that to arrest just one man - him - and keep him in jail forever for not adhering to the drug trafficking playbook as the North sees it.

Then, after prison stints in Miami and Paris, he finally is moved to Panama where he now resides in the El Renacer prison in Gamboa. And then? Some gringo entertainment company makes a video game about him in which he is the BAD GUY! It's called "Call of Duty", and it's your typical US narrative of good Americans and bad everything else, so just shoot them and punch them in the face because violence always solves everything everywhere.

Intolerable. And Noriega, even though in his eighties and frankly, who cares, decided to sue and demand money. Compensation!

Yet that didn't work out so well. Lawyer for the game company was one, Rudy Giuliani, another high-placed and famous Republican. And again, Noriega was shafted: The judge ruled that using Noriega in the game was free speech, and that the ex-dictator would get nothing, nada, zilch.

Dumb, Noriega, very dumb. As we always say: The best defense against the excesses of free speech is more free speech, even though dictators usually don't get this. Make your own video game, in which Bush I and Bush II and Obambi are the bad guys and get punched and shot and captured. Bring it on the market, and we guarantee you that it will be a big hit in the Middle East and some Latin American countries. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Noriega screwed over again by gringos

    • And maybe you should learn a little bit about the law that says that you can’t use the name of a high profile person without their permission and compensation. This is a typical gringo response to everything.

      So many people in the USA whined and moaned about 9/11/2001. Just call that chickens coming home to roost. The USA has murdered at least 100 times the number of people who were in the World Trade Center. The various USA “adventures” around the world and the giving of armaments to people who eventually become al Qaeda are the usual way for the USA to conduct its blood-thirsty foreign policy. Don’t whine about the “Dignity Battalions” unless and until you are ready to whine about the Blackwater thugs who did Bush’s off the record dirty work.

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