Legislators FINALLY taking care of themselves

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After decades of sacrifice and suffering abuse for the public good, Panama's legislators have now come to see that they should take care of themselves. After all, how can they take care of others if not of themselves? How will they make the people happy if they can't even make themselves happy, in fact, if they don't even know what happiness is?

For long - too long - our legislators have suffered injustices without ever complaining. Like, for example, the fact that ministers and vice-ministers have chauffeur driven cars and then always the latest models, but not the legislators. But no longer are the deputies gonna sit idly in the face of such gross violations of their rights.

Benicio Robinson, of the PRD losers and the kind of guy you should never buy a used car from, is heroically standing up for the oppressed legislators. He made several demands, says La Prensa. Next to the latest model cars, he wants the use of the diplomatic salon at the airport, and special parking spaces for the latest luxury cars at that same airport.

We, of course, have an idea. We'd like to help out and keep things from becoming budgetary top-heavy, so to speak. So we humbly suggest that the State buys our heroic legislators the best in luxury cars, made in Panama. There is this joint in David we know that does really great work, we hear. You're welcome!

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