Did Francisco Armani and Monte Friesner meet in jail?

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Armani5We try to stay out of affairs that Panama's scam pimp Don Winner reports on here at Bananama Republic. Winner always has hidden agendas, denounces one fraud while promoting the other, accuses people of crimes without a shred of evidence and so on.

But sometimes, these affairs come to us. Such happened when we got first approached in January 2012, through Facebook, by one Joseph Armand, who wrote us:

My dear Okke! I am not sure if we ever met??? But some of our Mutual nut case "Friends"... wrote we did...Furthermore, that we are partner in "Crime"...in Nicaragua...getting from old lady's more then 10 Millions of US in God we both trust dollars... Well, as far as I am concerned, God exist for some but not for me! Cause if he would exist he would of not created Monte Morris Friesner and his whatever chief bottle washer Don Winner!!!

And he continued:

Well, for me the story started in 1996 when I first met Dr. Freisner...Ph.D., LL.D., CD.C... PH for Mentally Derange! and the other LL D/ CD.C...were all obtained and certified BOP, US Bureau of Prison...a very sick Puppy! Well, as i started saying I met him at a medical center, MDC BOP in Rochester Minnesota USA were I was treated for multiple allergies and temporarydetained for Illegal Re-Entry since i am French Canadian, him, however, was there in the mentally derange section were the worst of the worst find their home and for having beat up is ex wife for which he stole all her money and scam others... I had no clue what this person was going to bring into my life, in 1999 he contacted me in Toronto and convinced me to deposit cash that would generate millions, well, he stoled all, took everything and since made my life horrible, hell living saying untrue strories and terrible things. And now saying that we, me and you that I have no clue who you are, or had no clue since I by pure coincidence stop in Nicaragua...and met someone who look like you? If it was you, this would be like Destiny!!! You even said we could meet in France? Where I am now skying and enjoying life always with Freisner and Winner in my mind. For all they did to me life will make them suffer one day. I had to write you, I had to tell you that his (Freisner) time will soon hit a wall, a listed convicted serial fraud artist, arsonist, assaulter, false senior advocate and bullshit consulaire from no man land, scam wanted SA pronto card russian hooker, fake inter nation peace foundation, etc., you can email me at jeanf@hush.com

Best regard, and sorry to bother you.

I had really no idea what he was talking about. Not been in Nicaragua since 2004 or so (correction: My last visit to Nicaragua was in 2003 - editor), so surely I did never meet this man. I also don't recall any "Joseph Armand", who uses the Facebook handle of "Le Cirque du Soleil". So I said I'd email him and then a sort of forgot about the whole thing.

Then, in January of the current year, he contacted me again:

Gday Okke, long time not writting! Was visiting Europe for 2 years and in Asia right now Thailand

Intrigued, I looked a bit closer at his Facebook profile. Some pictures of his were tagged with "Joseph Armani" - clearly the same person.

I wrote him at the hush.com address and back he came:

Hi Okke!

I met Freisner long time ago and after all those years we started to chat over the internet he seam like a nice person but had ulterior motive. Then when I was in Mexico and Panama before I met for few minutes that Don Winner from Panama Guide him and Friesner needed some web traffic on their scam site and decided to tag together by inventing stories and situation that never happened before. I contact my Canadian Government, Attorney's and many other sources but they continue to invent stories and these stories started to affect my personal life to the extend of getting in a lot of problems when anybody were searching for my name on google, can you imagine? I have never talk about you to Freisner cause first I don't know you and second I have no clue what they are talking about. However, it as cause me huge amount of problems everywhere in the world, ex., they frozened one of my account in France with all the money in it saying that these funds were probably coming from theft and there was nothing I was able to do, still frozen with 87,987.00 euros in it. I also got arrested few times and released after verification but all cause what they wrote about me that are total lies.

Long story short now they are saying we were taking money from old people, that is total none sense.

At this point and time I have only one choice left...Go to Panama without both of them knowing and get things done politely...

Internet are not monitor by anyone and that make it very dangerous they can write, say and do anything.

Waiting for your response.


Oh, so now he is Francisco? I prodded him for what stories he was talking about, what did Winner write, what did Friesner write, what did they write together?

Don Winner wrote the most terrible thing about me, saying I was wanted in Canada, Mexico, Panama, Jamaica and in France were cause of them my bank seized my account and returned check and Winner put that with a copy of a passport that was stoled from me saying that it was a fake name, then that I had many other names and was involved in the murder of some people who were sailing even if after they found the killer. That I pretended to be a doctor trying to stole money from someone. That I stole a car in Mexico all that since 2010 I wrote him then nothing positive came out of it, cause of him i lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in project, my personal life was destroyed even as of today and every day. Terrible thing these two did to me and then you came in the picture??? A total stranger to me and also that i was sailing with a stole catamaran for which it was my friend cat look at what Monty wrote about use:

And then he sent me a link to Monte Friesner's WantedSA website, where Friesner had posted one of his delusional fantasies about yours truly, claiming that I had teamed up with one Francisco Armani in Nicaragua to raise money from old ladies for some unspecified film project, only to steal the money. Yeah, right. As I said, I haven't been in Nicaragua in ages, and never met Armani nor Armand or whatever name the former cellmate of Friesner is using these days.

Anyway, at least that made it clear we were dealing with the Francisco Armani affair, someone about whom Don Winner has been writing extensively. Here's the link to one story that contains links to others. Read it for what it's worth, we have no idea if any of it is even remotely true.

Given Winner's earlier promoting of Friesner's Panamanian scams, it might just be that he went after this Armani guy to shield Friesner against someone who would obviously want his money back.

So now all we need to do is wait for this character to slip into Panama unnoticed and get "things done politely" with Friesner and Winner. Never a dull moment with this fraud crowd!


One thought on “Did Francisco Armani and Monte Friesner meet in jail?

  1. Mr. Ornstein watch your SIX. Something is brewing that apparently is wanting to involve you in. Does not matter you have nothing to do with it that party wants just to cause problems for you it seems.

    Be careful, the KOOKS that come to Panama think of all kinds of ways to cause problems and here in Panama with a dollar in their pocket they can.

    This sounds fishy and could be an entrapment.

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