Intrigue: Murderer lurks among Volcan Highlanders

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gendarmeThe Volcan Highlanders, a group of loony gringo expats in Chiriqui, do not just harbor an out of control gun nut, but they have an assassin in their midst, they say!

Remember the mysterious death of Georgia Tripp? We thought that scam pimp Don Winner was on that case, because he farted all over the web that he had inside access and knowledge and information:

In these kinds of cases I almost always have additional information which I withhold (by choice) so as not to jeopardize the investigation. Normally I withhold this information until there is an arrest. I am currently withholding information on several murder cases and ongoing investigations, waiting for an arrest to be made.

But then it turned out that he didn't even know what the cause of death was, let alone that he had any other useful information. Or maybe his inside information, obtained through his high-level police sources, was so secret that even he himself didn't know about it, that is also a possibility.

So, exit Don Winner from the case. Too light, too stupid, and the police doesn't want him near them. That leaves only the Volcan town meeting crowd to deal with the case, gringo-wise.

And they're shivering in fear of the cold-blooded killer that hides among them. Nobody looks each other in the eyes any more. The rumor mill is working overtime; could it be him? Maybe it's her? Peak tension in the highlands, but they are going to resolve it, gringo-style. Next Wednesday, April 10th, the Volcan rednecks are having yet another meeting at the Mana's restaurant. Starting time is at 10:00 AM, so that at least maybe half of them will still be sober. During the meeting, they're going to brainstorm about whodunnit, the vicious murder of Georgia Tripp:

Notes from William:

Greetings to Everyone:

A Murderer Lurks In Our Midst

A prominent, Panama criminal attorney stated that if police to not have someone in custody within 7 days of a murder being committed, the chance of apprehending a suspect is small. Georgia's death occurred about a month ago and the case is considered "cold."

At our next Town Meeting, a brainstorming session will take place as we share ideas, leads, maybe a reward, and new information that may apprehend a murderer who needs to be removed from our midst. Come and participate with your views, questions, and ideas to share with the panel. We need to bring ideas together to eliminate the threat of the murderer in our presence.

A reward! Cool! Obviously, these people have money to spend after making so much from their COACECSS investments. Will William Lipton interrogate suspects at gunpoint? Waterboard them, maybe? Who else is going to help to "eliminate" the threat of the murderer in their presence? Will Don Winner be there to offer his made-up secret insights in the case? Will there be a lynch mob?

We will have the answers for you, dear reader, as soon as our spies can relay the information to us. Stay tuned!

INSTANT UPDATE: The Volcan sleuths might wanna rethink their planning. Next week it may very well be impossible to travel in the area, and then what?

UPDATE 2: If you want to keep track of these lunatics, all you have to do is follow the messages on the Gringos in David Yahoo group, which is a sort of their digital den. But don't even think of posting anything critical or trying to reason with these characters. Eric Jackson tried to warn them against anti-American riots - not imaginary considering how racist these people are and the fact that Panamanians and Ngobe form an overwhelming majority to these expats - but was denied access by the group's central scrutinizer, one Katherine Gallimore:

Your comment is irrelevant to this posting. Reread the agenda for this meeting. There is nothing in it that would be cause for any anti-American riots. As usual your liberal thinking has allowed you to read more into the message than is there.

You see? No "liberal thinking" allowed among the gringo expats in Chiriqui! Publicly, this wacko-in-chief pretends that she adheres to different standards however, as per her post:

To be clear, Gringos In David is a neutral site, neither promoting the left or the right wing agenda. We do not accept intolerance and nastiness, whether it be attacks on someone's politics or religion or whatever.

Hahahahahaaa! Plop!

8 thoughts on “Intrigue: Murderer lurks among Volcan Highlanders

  1. Now THAT’S funny. And also pretty sad. My impression is that sadness at Georgia’s death, rather than any great sense of fear, is what most people here are feeling about this situation.

  2. Is the reign of the Wanker, Panama’s resident clown being passed as we speak to Herr Lipton? Is he the new Gringo Prom Queen? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Can anybody explain how Mr Winner can promote the Naos project when its a known scam? and how he has the guile to contact families of murdered victims in Panama. He is a disgusting individual.

    • Simple, he also has a bridge over the Canal for sale!

      To Qualify: You have to be a newbie FNG to to Panama to qualify for this low interest in house financing by the don the wanker real estate broker of Panama!

      Who needs a stinking Panamanian real estate license when you run the infamous pay as you go Panama disinformation scam guide.

  4. Well, one thing is for sure. The Wankers day as the King of the Media Owner Empire is over. That Katherine Gallimore is taking over the official duties of Minister of Information from Herr Winner. It looks like the center of crazy wingnut electrons is somewhere between Boquete Abajo and the Summit of Barú. But it looks like they will be stuck running back and forth between Bocas and David because you can be sure they aren’t going to get anywhere on the Panameicana.

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