Everybody dump money now in Don Winner arms trafficker friends Amador scheme

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Buy now! There is an unfinished project that was shut down years ago because no permits, and you can get in on the ground floor! And that ground floor, dear sucker investor, is as far as you're gonna get, because no elevators yet or ever! Even the windows  aren't in yet, so you can enjoy a nice breeze 24 hours a day! Smoke from Cerro Patacon is just a seasonal extra, for free!

While you settle into your new home and once you've installed the tarps in the windows, unpacked your camping gear and hooked up the portable generator, you will have plenty of time to dream with the developer, the arms trafficker Marco Shrem, about how beautiful all this could have been, but it never will be! Fantasize about expansion with a mall, restaurants, a marina and what not, in the safe knowledge that none of that will materialize, ever! Can you still hold on to your money?

This is probably the suckiest scam we've ever seen Don Winner promote the best retirement investment we've ever seen! Did you know the resident scam pimp is on the payroll of Marco Shrem to defend another one of his scams inform the public of what a great guy he is? No, dear sucker investor (what minute where you born?), Don Winner is way too modest to disclose such a conflict of interest trivialities.

And why post real photos of this disaster project upscale condo building with canal views if there are such nice funky renderings available?

This project, Naos Harbor Island, is so fancy and upscale that the website is hosted on a free server, with pop-up ads! Doesn't that just fill you with confidence?

So, are you ready to lose your money? Not only can you buy into a project that has been stalled for years and is being developed by genuine terrorist arms traffickers, but you can shell out the dough through this nazi scam pimp punk terrorist unlicensed amateur real estate broker Don Winner himself! The opportunity of a lifetime! Buy now!

3 thoughts on “Everybody dump money now in Don Winner arms trafficker friends Amador scheme

  1. You can put an expensive formal on a PIG, It is still a PIG!

    In don the wankers case even the swine here in Panama prefer their own smell and dirt to his olfactory perception!

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  3. Funny how most all the articles on his site hit a “pay wall” after a couple of sentences minus ANYTHING having to do with real estate…

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