La Estrella runs propaganda piece for Sustainable Capital Group and arrested principal

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Patrick Visser, swindler in chief of Sustainable CApital Group Panama

Patrick Visser, accomplice of Maurice Sjerps.

Most media in Panama are so third worldish dumb and retarded; they'll run just about anything they're fed. Take for example La Estrella, the media branch of the Waked family. They do a more or less decent job covering Martinelli's antics, but other than that it's the usual unsupported nonsense all the others run as well. They never take a second look at their information.

And so this blunder happened: Just weeks after Maurice Sjerps, principal of the Sustainable Capital Group (formerly known as Silva Tree) has been arrested in Costa Rica on charges of fraud with teak plantations, The ignorant twits of La Estrella run a propaganda piece for Maurice Sjerps and his Sustainable Capital Group's scammy business in Panama!

Forget all the earlier claims by Patrick Visser - the swindler in chief - of "I'm only a consultant" and the "new owners and management". La Estrella, in its opening paragraph, makes it - again - abundantly clear who are running the show at the Sustainable Capital Group:

" ... Sustainable Capital Group, comandado por Patrick Visser, su esposa Keren y el asociado Maurice Sjerps, es establecer un proyecto ..."

It then goes on and on about how trees are grown and Panamanian agriculture people are to benefit from Visser's and Sjerp's carbon certification or something along those lines.

The bright side of course is that this is yet another Panamanian first: Sustainable business run from a Costa Rican prison! We wonder why Patrick Visser, the knucklehead-in-chief of this whole enterprise, has been so silent on his blog about this piece of third world criminal innovation?

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