Patrick Visser Q&A session to nowhere

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UPDATED AND REVISED EDITION - The Silva Tree forestry scam is now having such a bad reputation that its principals are a sort of trying to disappear from the web. That is, some of them. Maurice Sjerps, for example, removed his name from the board of directors of Global Green Services S.A., yet another teak plantation outfit with a less than stellar reputation. Earlier, we revealed how Silva Tree Panama has quietly changed its name into "Sustainable Capital Group, S.A." and Patrick Visser resigned as a director. The website of this Sustainable Capital Group is here. That is, it's one of the websites the group operates, together with, and A new holding company appears to have been set up in the British Virgin Islands and operates its website at

A reverse whois lookup on the domain unearthed some fascinating bits of information. While the Silva Tree/Sustainable Capital Group gang may attempt to create the impression that Visser, Sjerps et al are no longer involved with the company, the truth of the matter is that scg,vg owns for example the blog of Patrick Visser, as well as a Spanish real estate website and a website we're not quite sure what it is.

Why does the Silva Tree website still exist under that name (although there are no names of principals anywhere to be found)? We have no idea. It's probably difficult to keep track in the corporate and online shell game they are running of what's still up and what needs to be taken down. For example, yet another outfit under the Silva Tree umbrella, Eco Management Services, has already been renamed "Sustainable Capital Group Management" but still runs a website under the old name here. And we understand even less why they're still promoting a paulowna plantation project while we keep hearing that they have changed to teak because the paulowna doesn't grow well in Panama.

Anyway, Patrick Visser isn't quiet though. He has a blog. And he is not a happy blogger. Very negative in fact. Complaining and complaining. And now he has started a "Q&A session" with your reporter, but there are no replies! No, Patrick, of course we aren't gonna reply to your idiotic questions!

Well, okay, one then. Visser wants more bad publicity; he GETS more bad publicity! Who are we, after all, to deny this clown his masochistic self-destructive pleasures? So, Patsy, you write something about a preliminary hearing of the defamation case against this reporter and Sarah Miller of the Christian Science Monitor, which is supposedly taking place the 12th of this month. Well, Patrick, I haven't been notified of anything and so I'm absolutely positive that neither yours truly nor Mrs. Miller will attend a hearing in some kangaroo court that may very well exist in your imagination only. Besides, we don't do criminal defamation bullshit cases on behalf of con men in banana republics, out of principle. Why travel to Panama and attend some case in a fake court that is really a criminal racket, just like your company? We demand a real judge in a real jurisdiction!

Happy now, prutser?

UPDATE: We just found out that Visser has been actively trying to have pages from this website removed from Google's search cache and index. Well, no such luck. Any more "questions and answers", mafkees?

3 thoughts on “Patrick Visser Q&A session to nowhere

  1. Hi

    this company Silva Tree Panama,S.A.(Sustainable Capital Group Panama )putted option for a lot of land on possesory rights with the promise to buy them if the owners get them titled, Now most of these land is already being titled and the company doesn’t pay the owners and keep telling that they will pay.

  2. Very true Okke ,trying to go into the Spanish property business with his yovivo website after al the people he conned in Spain, he truly is a MAFKEES!

  3. I can’t believe this fraud Patrick Visser never learns. Just because he keeps saying he’s honest doesn’t make it true. I knew him when he was operating his boiler room operations in Spain and he regularly used to laugh over a few beers about the suckers he was ripping off.
    I can’t see him spending much time in Spain as there’s still quite a few people who’d like to have a quiet chat with him in a dark alley if he returns…

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