Martinelli in radar panic

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Our otherwise cold blooded and level headed president Rico Martinelli has turned into a nervous wreck because of spaghetti eaters. What happened? Well, just as we predicted, the Italian justice is not as pliable as the Panamanian corrupt banana benders, like Jose Ayu Prado, our muppet Attorney General, and they are actually investigating Italians AND Panamanian officials for bribery and kick-backs with inflated purchases of radars and helicopters we don't need! They already say that Lavitola compromised the Panamanian government so there you go. And, in case of Martinelli it's extra super-juicy because he is an Italian AND a Panamanian  official, so the Narco99 mogul is shitting his big baggy pants.

After shitting his pants, he went to Raul Mulino's office and said, "call the Italians". So Mulino said, "si, capo", and called some guy at the Italian embassy, who was with the ambassador, and they demanded to know what the hell was going on because they thought they had a deal and now what with these investigations?

It must have been a bit like that scene from the Godfather III, where Pacino calls the Vatican and some coke-snorting purple dress whispers in a husky voice, "things have changed, Ricky, Berlusconi is gone, Valter is on the run, I can't help you, and don't call again. It's not safe. It's each on his own now, ciao".

So there they were, Ricardo and Raul. They stood to have made tens of millions on purchases of radar equipment they would never make operational so they could steal that money too, they had everything worked out, and now arrest warrants were looming on the horizon! DISASTER!

What is a politician to do? Hang himself from the bridge of the Americas? No, that's for mafia bankers. Hide? Possible, but what happens when you're found could be ugly. So? Write a press release of course! And so they did. It's the most delirious senile Alzheimer infested official statement to come out of the Presidential Palace since a long time, so if you read Spanish, enjoy. Read it once more and you'll notice that it's also a warning: "We won't take the fall for this alone". This case is getting more interesting by the day now.

3 thoughts on “Martinelli in radar panic

  1. Pathetic, reminds of of when the Costa Rican newspaper was accused of threatening the security of the canal????? WTF??? They can’t even find a good spinster in their group…..

  2. After all president Ricardo Martinelli of Panama is an Italian Citizen!!

    President Ricardo Martinelli of Panama also has a first Cousin serving time in a Mexican Prison for Drug money laundering to the tone of $4 to $12 Million a month until he was caught two years ago at the airport in DF.

    This apparently went on for a few years according to his Panamanian Passport entries(The one that was recovered).

    He also apparently has Italian citizenship(Dual Passports?)!!

    “Panama whee the numbers never add up”

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